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Expert Doctor's Hints to Avoid Heart Attacks

Too many young people are dying from heart attacks. Tab Folvite MB Mega 3 One daily each. Will absolutely prevent heart block and heart attacks. Check your homocysteine to see if you're vulnerable Should not be more than 15 And LDL should not be More than 100 Daily Tab Folvite MB one morning Mega 3 one morning Obesity is now linked to 32 types of cancer and might be fuelling 40% of cases, shock study warns via Even if you are 10% overweight, you are at risk of developing cancer. Burn off your fat and become slim and trim. It is easy.  Message me privately if interested.    New study finds common condiment may increase your risk of stomach cancer by 40% via Avoid salt... can lead to stomach cancer One multivitamin you can take to take regularly to supplement what you're not getting in the diet... Tab Supradyn one morning daily. For ten days every month. The moment you get a s