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Hemavathi: A heavenly abode for mesmerizing intricate stone marvels

Hemavathi in terms of modern terminology is a small village and comes under the jurisdiction of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. The historic venue about 158 kilometres from Bengaluru is adjoining Dodda Banagere village of Sira Taluk in the Tumakuru district and is well known for its artistic splendour. Henjeri of Pallavas: According to the history books the present-day Hemavathi was hitherto known as Henjeri between the 8th and 10th century AD and remained the capital of the Pallava dynasty. It is also told that the historic Hemavathi village boasting a variety of beautifully sculpted temples was built during the Nolamba dynasty regime. Intricate designs with semblance: There is one small gopura-like structure as you enter the temple complex. It holds the roof probably done with a wood-like material and supported by four square-shaped slender pillars with intricate designs with semblance on all four sides of each mini pillar. The minute tower lacking proper maintenance, and forge