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Bleeding in the Brain: A Glass Of Fresh Lime Daily Is The Solution

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of the Isha Foundation underwent emergency brain surgery in a private hospital in New Delhi recently. The surgery became inevitable following the brain MRI revelation of a massive bleeding in the skull. Teaching yoga since 1982: Sadhguru is well-known as the founder and head of the Isha Foundation based in Coimbatore. The non-profit spiritual organisation was founded by him in 1992 and he has been teaching yoga worldwide since 1982. All vital parameters improve: According to hospital sources, Sadhguru was weaned off the ventilator following the surgery, and all vital parameters including brain and body continue to show steady progress and improvement.  What is a brain bleed: According to Neuro-Surgeons, bleeding in the brain or intracranial hemorrhage is also a type of stroke. The bleed leads to a pool between the brain and skull. As a result, it prevents oxygen from reaching the brain.  A life-threatening condition: Bleeding in the brain causes sudde