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What do Film Actors do to Get 50 crores or 100 Crores for Each Film?

(Very thought-provoking message. Please go through the write-up.) Whoever wrote, it is wonderfully written. I never understood one thing what do these film actors or actresses do that they get 50 crores or 100 crores for each film? In a country where top scientists, doctors, engineers, professors, officers, etc. get 10 lakh to 20 lakh rupees per year, in the same country a film actor earns 10 crores to 100 crores of rupees per year! What does he do after all? What is their contribution to the development of the country? After all, what do they do to earn so much in just one year that it might take 100 years for the top scientists in the country! Today, the three areas which have fascinated the new generation of the country are cinema, cricket and politics. The earnings and prestige of the people belonging to these three fields are beyond all limits. These three areas are the ideals of modern youth, while their credibility is currently under question. So it is useless for the country a

Crores for medical degree: What about ROI through honest ethical practice?

Thanks to the crisis in Ukraine and the tendency of young boys and girls aspiring to become doctors by studying abroad has paved the way for what appears like a never-ending discussion. The development has simultaneously raised several concerns about the quality of medical education back home and the measures adopted for admission? Our today’s guest Dr Anirudha R.Podder is a Gynecologic Oncologist and has experience of 16 years in the field. He completed MS-Obstetrics and Gynecology from Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Hospital, Mumbai in 2006. He did a Fellowship of Gynecology Oncology from the Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute in 2009. Some of the services provided by him include Vagina surgery and Gynecological cancers etc. Presently he is working as a Senior Consultant Gynaec-Oncologist at Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, Patna. Ongoing war ignites heated debate: Dr Anirudha R.Podder is of the opinion: “The ongoing Russia Ukraine war has ignited the debate- has India failed its stude

Ukraine fallout: Merit issue for admissions to Medicine courses once again in the forefront

The tragic death of Naveen Shekarappa Gyangoudar on the outskirts of Kharkiv in Ukraine, apart from sending shock waves to the family members and across the state has given rise to several questions. Among them, the crucial query that perhaps will continue to be debated is the current trend of Indian students aspiring to become Medical graduates abroad. Every parent wants their ward to become a Doctor: Dr Chandrasekhar V. Shettar has been working as Asst. Professor at USM KLE’s International Medical Programme at Belagavi for the past seven years. He asserts: “Once the Death of Naveen happened due to Russian shelling in Kharkiv, people are talking about why students of India go to countries like Russia, Georgia, Central America and many other countries. The craze for a medical degree in every Indian Parent is leading to a situation wherein everyone wants their child to become a Doctor”. Now Medical profession is an absolute business: “Once upon a time it was really a noble profession

Resident Doctors become Impatient over Government Apathy

Karnataka Association of Resident Doctors(KARD) attempts to draw the attention of concerned authorities, the Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education Minister about their woes, plight and demands continue to remain unattended. Their repeated reminders over the pending demands for more than 15 months into the pandemic haven't helped in changing the situation for the better. Amidst continuous, extended hours and no weekly off routine, the junior doctors have been at an unprecedented receiving end hitherto unheard of even to their seniors in their lifetime. Source: During the first wave, 61 doctors succumbed to the deadly virus in the state while so far. eight of them became victims this year so far. What looks intriguing, cruel but unfortunately hardcore reality is some of them in the current year passed away for not getting beds in time. And their crime, the fatal infections they developed while trying to treat the admitted patients. In fact, the first wave had been m

Corona at our doorsteps, fear doctors and health workers

The Coronavirus pandemic after rattling the common people belonging to different walks of life now looks like threatening the very lives of the life-giving and rescuing doctors and health workers at large following many casualties in the health sector across the country and elsewhere on the globe. image: economic times According to the Indian Medical Association(IMA), the parental body of the medical fraternity 93 doctors on COVID duty have died so far. Dr Ranjan Sharma, head of IMA has disclosed: 1,279 doctors have been tested positive so far. Among them, 771 doctors are less than 35 years of age, 247 doctors above the age of 35 years and 261 above the age of 50 years. Interestingly these numbers do not include the health workers like Nurses, Para-Medical staff and related workers. However, the IMA is working on a research paper to find out the causes leading to the deaths. Probably these findings may throw further light on the exact reasons for the fatalities and infections becoming

Covid-19: It's your life, so take care of yourself, advise Doctors

P robably there is nothing that people haven't discussed, shared and debated about the deadly Coronavirus pandemic ever since the first lockdown 1:0 was imposed across the country from 24 March onwards. However, irrespective of what is being pondered over and exchanged over SMSes, WhatsApp and similar social networking sites and in-person not much seems to have changed at the public behaviour in general! The same sort of opinion holds good with those in the administration and the political bosses adorning power seats. There seems to be no rationale between what is being publicly perceived and practised at large. Day in and day out the local, regional, state and central governments continue to bombard the people on what all that needs to be done to keep the Coronavirus at bay. On the contrary, the same authorities continue to act paradoxically giving little credence to their own oft-repeated public pronouncements. Much worse, every public activity, civic, public and business have al