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Gauri Savadi conquers Mongolia’s highest peak Tawn Bogdi

Gauri Savadi has done it again. This time around she’s back in the news for climbing one of the highest mountains in Mongolia. She accomplished the feat on 26 June by trekking the mountainous stretch walking almost incessantly and that too for a prolonged period of 24 hours: Tawn Bogdi: Gauri Savadi climbed the Tawan Bogdi, a mountain of Mongolia, nearby the triple border along with China and Russia. Its highest peak called the Khuiten Peak, is the highest point in Mongolia at 4374 meters above sea level. Gods must have been crazy! In her reminiscence on making the dream come true, Gauri Savadi becomes an introvert and a poet of her own. She exclaims: Gods must have been crazy when they put our world together! And then they make humans who want to conquer it all. Titanic was meant to sink - so be it! Highs lows depths vastness wilderness sand snow the seas the sky our WORLD n more What does one achieve putting self through arduous journeys - is one truly trying to figure self out, tak