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What do Film Actors do to Get 50 crores or 100 Crores for Each Film?

(Very thought-provoking message. Please go through the write-up.) Whoever wrote, it is wonderfully written. I never understood one thing what do these film actors or actresses do that they get 50 crores or 100 crores for each film? In a country where top scientists, doctors, engineers, professors, officers, etc. get 10 lakh to 20 lakh rupees per year, in the same country a film actor earns 10 crores to 100 crores of rupees per year! What does he do after all? What is their contribution to the development of the country? After all, what do they do to earn so much in just one year that it might take 100 years for the top scientists in the country! Today, the three areas which have fascinated the new generation of the country are cinema, cricket and politics. The earnings and prestige of the people belonging to these three fields are beyond all limits. These three areas are the ideals of modern youth, while their credibility is currently under question. So it is useless for the country a

Murphy's Law on Buttered Toast

Murphy's Law on Buttered Toast Murphy drops some buttered toast on the kitchen floor and it lands butter-side-up. He looks down in astonishment, for he knows that it's a law of nature of the universe that buttered toast always falls butter-side-down. So he rushes round to the presbytery to fetch Father Flanagan. He tells the priest that a miracle has occurred in his kitchen. But he won't say what it is. He asks Fr. Flanagan to come and see it with his own eyes. He leads Fr Flanagan into the kitchen and asks him what he sees on the floor. "Well," says the priest, "it's pretty obvious. Someone has dropped some buttered toast on the floor and then, for some reason, they flipped it over so that the butter was on top." "No, Father, I dropped it and it landed like that!" exclaimed Murphy. "Oh my Lord," says Fr. Flanagan, "dropped toast never falls with the butter side up. It's a miracle. But wait... it's not for me to s