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Wearing Anti-Viral Mask Only Way to keep the Third Wave Away: Dr Devan PP

After a fatal First wave and another disastrous Second wave of the century's worst-ever Covid-19 pandemic, now the human civilisation is literally on the crossroads amidst the scare of the Third Wave! No doubt, as of now, by and large, the number of cases and deaths are not really at an alarming stage. But in the meantime, the mu Delta variant has made its presence felt paving way for a pandora box on the ways of facing it. For a long, health experts have been repeatedly warning about the dangers accompanied by the third wave. But again just like the previous two years, there look to be no takers for the same, either at the government stage or at the general public level. Dr Devan PP, a Manguluru based eminent Immunologist continues to remain candid in expressing his viewpoints about the urgent ways of addressing the ensuing danger now affecting the children at large. As feared earlier, the number of children getting admitted to the hospitals complaining of running nose is on a new

Black Fungus: Complicated Challenges in Treatment

T he lives of the general public is already shattered by the hardships, pain and sorrow from the second wave of Covid-19 mutated viruses. As if these adverse conditions weren't enough they are now challenged with the fear of Black fungus infections. The second wave has been successful enough in exposing the ill-equipped infrastructure, both in the public and private sector. The sudden demand in terms of admissions, beds, ventilators and if all the three are met, paucity of life-saving oxygen leading to deaths continue to haunt like never before. source: Indian Express In comparison to the catastrophic havoc created by the Covid-19 second wave, the number of Black fungus cases as of now appears to be minimal. At the same time what is alarming is these patients are those who were assumed to have recovered from the fatal Corona. It is also now being learnt the treatment with steroids added to comorbidity conditions has aggravated the situation. Just like in the cases of both Covid-19

Amidst Deadly Covid-19, Black Fungus traumatize People like Never Before

T hanks to the callousness on the part of all state and Union Governments ignoring the warnings of health experts’ way back in October 2020, the second wave of Covid-19 mutated viruses are having their hay time. Although several attempts are being made on behalf of the governments, philanthropic persons/institutions and NGOs’ to rise to the occasion, the virus seems to be having the last laugh as of now. Source: Indian Express Added to such adverse scenario and as if the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic isn’t enough to have its fatal toll, all of us are now facing a formidable challenge in the form of Black Fungus or known as Mucormycosis in medical terms. Dr SR Narahari, Director Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD), Kasargod district in Kerala found time between his hectic schedule to dwell with the current crisis in detail and his viewpoints about the subject in general. He fears: Since the Central Government issued guidelines on controlling the black fungus; this disease is bound t