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Point Blank: A sought after brand in the Jeans market

Veteran Kannada humorist and writer Beechi, despite being a resident of Ballari in Karnataka used to make fun of the city. He used to describe that Ballari boasts of only two seasons, one of summer and the other of hot summer! Interestingly, apart from the unusual climate, Ballari has made it big on the international map, thanks to Mining and Jeans. A century into the Garments industry: Ballari, predominantly a Telugu speaking region has been in the garments industry for a century. Thanks to the British regime, the readymade garments hub came into being as the uniforms for the British troops used to be stitched here. Thus, the stitched uniforms were sent to Hyderabad and Chennai, which had a large consignment of British troops. Accidentally into, but now a big brand: Point Blank a small venture with a meagre investment of Rs 50,000/- during 1993, over a period of time has evolved into a sought after brand “Point Blank” in the Jeans industry. Bhanu and Bharani, brothers are the pillar

Rudrappa Mokashi’s accomplishments as Chairman, Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory, MK Hubli

Rudrappa Veerappa Mokashi, former Chairman of Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar factory at MK Hubli in Belagavi district passed away recently. He remained in office during the early Nineties for a brief period of one year and five months. But how he transformed the sick sugar mill into a profit-making unit is worth recalling even to this day. The pertinent question is because the Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory once again is embroiled in woes of its own. Unique and rare to find: You may feel, how many times this fellow wants to keep writing on the same personality already dealt with in these columns. You are absolutely right. Probably, that’s the interesting perspective about Rudrappa Veerappa Mokashi. Maybe, no one might have kept a count on the number of Chairmen of cooperative sugar factories in this state and country. But there can be no doubt that people like Rudrappa Mokashi are unique and rare to find. Cooperatives in the real sense: Ever since the cooperative movement made its

HD Deve Gowda's dream of going to Rajya Sabha is no cakewalk

Haradanahalli Doddegowda Devegowda , former Prime Minister's gameplan of somehow managing to get elected to the Rajya Sabha from the native state of Karnataka doesn't appear to a bed of roses all the way. As of now, it only looks like a daydream without the blessings of Congress president Sonia Gandhi or Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party leaders. image: Deccan Herald. HD Devegowda, a 24x7 politician can hardly withstand being out of power or party politics at any given point of his political career spanning 67 years. He recently celebrated his 87th birthday without much fanfare, thanks to the lockdown stipulations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. He shifted to the neighbouring Tumakuru Lok Sabha constituency during the previous Parliamentary elections in May 2019, when he decided to handover his home bastion of Hassan to his grandson Prajwal Revanna.However, he was defeated in Tumakuru. This was his third defeat after demitting the prim

Covid-19 hits a fatal stroke to less fortunate mortals

T he living animals market of Wuhan province in China generated deadly killer Coronavirus pandemic was brought under control in the country it was originated within 3-4 months of its occurrence. But its fatal tentacles spread like wildfire across the globe developing itself into a nightmare to the human race on earth. Thanks to the callousness of the men in power the citizens of the United States, Italy and many other Western and European countries faced the brunt by sacrificing many of their fellow beings. Interestingly India initially boasted of a very good situation in combating the epidemic in terms of loss of human lives. In comparison to many other so-called well developed industrious nations boasting of tremendous GDP growth and most modern medical infrastructure, India, on the contrary with the least possible health facilities braved the onslaught of the viral menace with a lesser rate of infections and negligible numbers of casualties going by the big size of the population

Relaxing of lockdown will lead to spurt in Covid-19 cases, warn health experts

W hen the whole world is embroiled and perplexed with the challenges entangled in combating the deadly China originated Coronavirus pandemic the country is now faced with the woes of relaxing lockdown stipulations. Interestingly these measures are being thought of when there is a gradual surge in the number of infections and fatalities connected with the Covid-19! Thanks to multidimensional adversities as a result of the lockdown, the Government sources put forth their pathetic plight due to unseen and unheard recession, economic slowdown and shutting down of all manufacturing units paving way to total loss of regular resources while on the other hand exhausting available funds for the welfare of less privileged citizens. image : The Economic Times However, this desperate situation on the part of the government leading to relaxation of complete lockdown measures has also given rise to a paradoxical condition which the health experts foresee bound to culminate into a much more

Indians look to be waiting for a major catastrophe to happen?

I t looks as though people of the country are far far away from being serious of the consequences of the deadly Coronavirus if at all it spreads like a wildfire at the community level, going by the behaviour of moving around freely. Despite being the fifth day of the national lockdown, the general public irrespective of the towns, cities and states they belong to tend to take rescue in the same pattern of unwanted, unwarranted and more dangerous way of loitering around whether genuinely required or not. In fact, this tendency of behaviour is not being noticed for the first time either. That seems to be the order of the day ever since the Janata Curfew was declared to be observed on last Sunday 22 March. It appears people have no thought on the precautionary measures initiated by the state and central governments in their own interest and the interests of the society and country at large. Though it has been made crystal clear that the emergency services like water, milk, electricity

KPCC Presidentship to DK Shivakumar, will the party benefit from the move?

D oddaalahalli Kempegowda Shivakumar , Man Friday of the All India Congress Committee(AICC) has been as expected appointed President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee(KPCC). D.K.Shivkumar No doubt the new assignment to DK Shivakumar is a great sigh of relief to the former power minister who recently spent 51 days in police lock up and Tihar jail. But whether his appointment will bring any cheers to the party, needs to be seen and watched. The greatest asset of DK Shivakumar so far is his unquestioned loyalty to the Gandhi family which he keeps reiterating at every available opportunity. His pivotal role in coming to the rescue of the party during troubled times is an additional qualification for the Vokkaliga strong man. In fact, he plunged into active politics during his student days by becoming a member of National Students Union of India(NSUI), student wing of the Congress party. He very soon became the district president of NSUI during 1981-83.From then on i

Madhya Pradesh power politics, a repetition of Karnataka's 'Operation Lotus'

B hopal, capital city of Madhya Pradesh and Bengaluru, capital city of Karnataka are far off from one another and to be precise, 1,441.9 kilometres away by road on the national highway. Apart from the vast distance they are paradoxically divergent in geography, climate, culture and lifestyle. Yet, when it comes to practising present day politics the so called far off distance just fizzles out to your astonishment. The Kamalnath led Congress party government in Madhya Pradesh is now at the brink of a disaster, thanks to the 20+ ruling party legislators including six sitting ministers who have resolved to bid adieu to the national party on whose tickets they were elected to the state Assembly. This change of heart within the ruling party camp for valid reasons whatsoever is no strange phenomenon if you were to recollect similar such developments in Karnataka,just a few months back. Then 14 Congress and three Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) Members of Legislative Assembly(MLAs'

Karnataka cabinet expanded while new challenges crop up

E ight former Congress and two Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) legislators who quit their positions to switch over to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and got reelected on the BJP tickets were sworn in as cabinet ministers this morning. In fact, the expansion process was over delayed despite the 05 December 2019 bye-election results that were declared on 09 December itself.But for Mahesh Kumatalli, all other ten former MLAs' have been rewarded with ministerial berths for ensuring the collapse of the HD Kumaraswamy led JDS-Congress coalition government and thereby enabling the saffron party to come back to power. Mahesh Kumatalli, Athani MLA has been vocal enough in letting out his angry outbursts against Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa for letting him down in cabinet expansion. He also termed the CM's action as betrayal for he was assured of a cabinet post when he had offered to resign along with 16 other MLAs'.He was not the only one to air his displeasure in public. MTB N

Karnataka Rebels placated while BJP loyalists raise a banner of revolt

T he much-awaited expansion of the BS Yediyuurappa led state Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) government is finally taking place on this Thursday 06 February. The Chief Minister himself made this announcement to media persons on Sunday. No doubt almost all newly elected and former disqualified Members of state Assembly(MLAs') but for Mahesh Kumatalli, Athani legislator heaved a sigh of relief following the chief minister's over delayed pronouncement. However, MTB Nagaraj, former Minister in the HD Kumaraswamy led JDS-INC coalition government and AH Vishwanath, former state JD-S president and R Shankar, a former minister in the previous government expressed displeasure for being left out of the cabinet formation. Both MTB Nagaraj and AH Vishwanath lost in Hoskote of Bengaluru Rural district and Hunsur constituency in Mysuru district respectively in the recently held bye-elections while R Shankar was denied the ruling party ticket to contest from Ranebennur constituency in Ha

MOU between Illinois University and Ramaiah Group of Institutions

T he University of Illinois in the United States has come forward to have a Memoranda of Understanding(MOU) with the city-based Ramaiah Group of Institutions for comprehensive educational research and academic excellence through students and faculty exchange program. Timothy L.Killeen, 20th President of the University of Illinois made this announcement to a media conference here today in the presence of Dr. M R Jayaram, Chairman, Ramaiah Group of Institutions and senior colleagues of both the institutes of learning. The University of Illinois has unveiled a one billion dollar initiative per annum for enhancing infrastructure in medical health care, education, research, and multiple areas to ensure world-class facilities in other countries deprived by such systems, informed Timothy L. Kileen.He declared: The University of Illinois with separate Universities at Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana-Champaign has 86,000 plus students system and has a partnership with 12 countries. However

Karnataka: Street fight for BJP ticket begins...

T hanks to the announcement of the calendar of events for by-elections to the 15 Assembly constituencies in the state the street fight for bagging the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) tickets is also on a new high now! Rajarajeshwarinagar in Bengaluru Urban and Ranebennur in Haveri districts should have also gone for similar by-elections simultaneously as the MLAs' of these constituencies have tendered resignations to these seats.  The defeated Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) rivals have contested these elections, so the election commission has set aside the decision of holding elections in these two places. Elsewhere the battle by the erstwhile Indian National Congress(INC) and Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) legislators' for bagging the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) tickets is on. In some constituencies, there has been stiff opposition from defeated BJP candidates for parting away from the saffron party ticket to the new entrants.  Sharat Bachhegowda, son of