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Food, Nutrition has huge potential for employment generation: CA CR Murali

CR Murali, a city based Chartered Accountant is quite enthusiastic about the new Food and Nutrition courses on the way to be launched by Ravindra Prasad, wellness Guru and former International Operations Head of the Art of Living (AoL) of Sri Ravishankar Guruji. In an exhaustive interview he spells out his thoughts on the subject.  CA CR Murali Here are the excerpts: Q: How come food and nutrition has come to focus all of a sudden? CR Murali: Health has become an issue today. The input and output of a system gets deteriorated because of the food while food acts as an agent. As you might be aware of the Hindu shastras don’t consider disease as negative aspect whereas the modern medicine tends to consider it so. It is only a symptom of something going wrong in the body functions while the cure is given by Lord Vishnu himself in his avatar as Dhanwantri. So, for us medicine is not science but a part of Veda and as good as Bhagavad-Gita itself. Every activity of human being, why just human

Nutrition courses to generate employment and holistic health

The city-based WEEFA Wellness Solutions Private Limited organization known for marketing organic products and creating awareness about a healthy lifestyle is now set in to launch a variety of nutrition courses for the unemployed youths, doctors and teachers. Ravindra Prasad, Business Consultant of Weefa disclosed the plans on the way in this connection. Two million graduates jobless: Giving a graphic detail about the present scenario, Ravindra Prasad informs: “It is important to ponder about the number of job creations we will be able to generate with the help of these courses. According to the information available, over two million graduates are jobless and likewise the case of Postgraduates. Usually, most of them are compelled to do menial jobs to pull on. I have seen a number of youths, BA and B Com graduates driving autos. This is the paradoxical situation prevailing as we are not giving a platform to Saraswati after completing their education… …Job creation concern of the nation:

Food can change lives: Nutritionist Dr Gauri Rokkam

Dr Gauri Rokkam is a well-known Holistic Nutritionist with experience in helping thousands of people worldwide for more than two decades. She firmly believes that healthy food and lifestyle can change lives, for good. It does not mend the body in parts but as a “whole” and is candid enough to claim: “When the body is rightly fed(in every sense), it wins battles while one experiences true health”. In an interaction, Dr Gauri Rokkam spoke on several issues revolving around human health, current practices of dealing with disease and the way out. Here are her viewpoints on a few issues: Holistic health is from a “whole person” perspective: Neither food nor body should be broken down into its parts. Food is a complex chemical factory. It should not be broken down into its components or specific nutrients because the components of food work in synergy with each other to produce desired effects. The body can work to its best and be in the best of health with whole foods, the way plants produ