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Omicron; ENT Expert Deepak Haldipur Confident: “We Shall Overcome Positively”

Dr Deepak Haldipur, a city-based ENT specialist is too optimistic about overcoming the current challenges posed by the Omicron variant. He admits to being basically a positive person and hence opines: “Even this (Third) time, eventually we are bound to emerge victoriously”. Dr Deepak Haldipur apart from being a veteran in his field of specialization is also renowned as the only doctor in the state to perform the highest number of Black Fungus surgeries. A literally down to the ground person is known for conversing in chaste Kannada recalling quotes of well-known authors to draw home his point. At times, he lambasts the degradation of natural wealth in the name of modernization and just because some people can afford to spend lavishly. In no time he also evolves into a philosopher lamenting at the greed of people at the cost of the well-being of the society at large. In fact, it’s no different even when you approach him as a patient. He’s plain, simple and straight to the point without

Omicron Variant of Covid-19 becomes a nightmare overnight

When the general public of the country was worried about the third wave of Covid-19 mutant virus, the Omicron variant said to be originated from South Africa has suddenly evolved into a nightmare overnight. Although only two cases and that too from those returning to the Silicon city Bengaluru have tested positive in the country, it's become successful in triggering the panic buttons in no time! Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry, Government of India declared officially about the first two cases reporting from Bengaluru. In fact, Bengaluru also holds the dubious distinction of reporting the first Covid-19 death in the country. Again, such fatality took place in the passing away of an elderly person returning from the Haj pilgrimage. Mumbai reports Four cases: Four more people returning to Mumbai from South Africa tested positive on the same day. Though the pandemic is in its initial stage, it's sent enough shock waves across the nation. On the other hand, 373