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Retro Bollywood Karaoke SUR MILAN: Singing Has No Age

Bengaluru: It was just any other lazy Saturday with less early morning slow-moving traffic as we approached the basement of a private apartment complex with Suresh Hadagali, a family friend involved with the granite business and also a singer by hobby. The Retro Bollywood Karaoke SUR-MILAN was set to commence in the community hall as regular members started entering one by one. Unassuming singers: Once, into the hall, almost all senior citizens were found busy greeting, exchanging pleasantries and hugging one another giving the ambience a festive mood. Most of them appeared to be 50+, 60+ and some of them even 70+ and also grandparents. Only on their facial looks you could assert their age but not in their spirits of singing Bollywood hits of yesteryears. Younger folks also participate. Hits of the early 50s and 60s come alive: Once the program went live, the elders got engrossed in their favourite pastime passion of singing once every 21 days, forgetting their age and stage in life