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Ganitha Mela 2023 - The largest Mathematics Fair in India concludes

In a first-of-its-kind event, and in an intellectually charged atmosphere, renowned mathematician Padma Shri Prof. Sujatha Ramadorai found herself navigating a unique discussion prompted by a seemingly simple question from a curious student— “Ma'am, who is your favourite player, Messi or Ronaldo?” Casual inquiry into a captivating discourse: What started as a casual inquiry quickly evolved into a captivating discourse on mathematical precision in football. Sujatha, known for her ability to weave connections between diverse topics, skillfully guided the conversation. The students delved into the angles of the best goals, dissecting the geometry behind Messi's finesse and Ronaldo's power. The professor, with a twinkle in her eye, transformed the classroom into a mathematical arena, proving that even a seemingly subjective debate can unfold as a fascinating exploration of patterns, probabilities, and perspectives. A vibrant and intellectually stimulating atmosphere: After fi