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Bathroom Videos': Udupi Cops Wake Up; FIRs' Filed At Last!

The ladies' hostel bathroom videos on cell phones episode in Netra Jyoti Paramedical College took a new twist with the Udupi Police, at last, waking up and have filed two FIRs suo motto in this connection. So far Akshay Machhindra, Superintendent of Police, Udupi district was shirking his responsibility of registering an FIR under the pretext that there have been no complaints in this regard. But when the momentum started heating up against the Udupi Police across the state for its failure to initiate action, all of a sudden the cops made a U-turn and acted suo motto. Two FIRs' filed: In fact, two FIRs' have been filed so far. The first FIR is against the three students bubuShabnaz, Alfiya and Aleema and the Management of the Netra Jyoti Paramedical College. And the second suo motto FIR is against Kal Singh Chavan for making the doctored video adding audio viral on social networking sites and spreading canards raising communal tensions in the society. He is also being accus