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Vegan: The trend fast catching up among a few youngsters

                                                                                           Image Source ES Manjunath, my childhood friend and classmate until 8th standard in Dharwad visited us sometime back. He is a UK citizen and has been a resident of that country for more than two decades. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, he’s come up in a hard way in life. After a usual exchange of pleasantries, he was offered tea, which he flatly refused. It appeared intriguing that he has given up drinking tea after leaving the country. But, it was no better situation, when he was inquired if he would like to have some milk. No, he said! Vegan for years: When quizzed as to why he doesn’t drink both, tea and milk, he informed of having given up the practice for many years and that his whole family including two daughters is also in the same habit. He explained that the family members don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable for not drinking tea, coffee, and milk or consuming dairy products. Upbring