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Basaveshwar Khanavali: 61+ And Surging Ahead

Basaveshwar Khanavali has been a household name in the whole of North Karnataka region for a long back and in South Karnataka for the last few decades. The food outlet is well-known for its lavish spread of typical rustic delicacies from North Karnataka catering to the taste buds of all those fond of relishing the Jowar Rotti (Bread) meals along with the Holige sweet.   Rottis' done with beating: These days you can find any number of North Karnataka outlets most of them bearing the typical Basaveshwar Khanavali name boards at all possible directions in Bengaluru and these days elsewhere in the state as well. However, all Basaveshwar Khanavalis have nothing connecting one another but for the name. While most of these outlets are run in a 10x12 feet width garage-like premises the original and more than six decades old Basaveshwar Khanavali chain of hotels function from vast premises. Most of the small shops serve Jowar Rottis prepared by rolling just like while making Chapathis but

Indian Marriages: Packages Count More Than Relationships

Well, you might have heard the idiom that "Marriages are made in heaven" any number of times by any number of people on different occasions. In literary terms, it means that the fate or destiny of who we marry is decided by a higher power, such as God, and not by human choice or action. At the same time, you also cannot rest for sure hoping the same and on their own. Male chauvinism gets a gate pass: There was a time in this country when male chauvinism dominated all along when it came to marriage and life later. Parents of female children had a series of horrible instances to narrate when it came to marriage. The ill-treatment of the newlywed girl by the husband, his siblings, in-laws, and their friends and relatives appeared to be a never-ending story for a lifetime. Daughter-in-laws being packed to their parents' houses for the ever-increasing demands like dowry and whatnot never ceased to exist. Luckily, all those wicked practices seem to have dipped over a period o

Retired English Professor transforms into a Revered Saint and the epitome of sacrifice

Virupakshayya Chennabasavayya Hiremath is basically a retired English Professor who has served at Methodist Church College of Kalaburagi. Later, after serving 12 years he was transferred to Beynon Smith Methodist Degree College of Arts, Belagavi where he retired from teaching English. He served for 21 years in Belagavi and retired in May 2013. Soon after his retirement he has taken over as a pontiff of the Mutt in his native Narasapur village of the historic Badami Taluk in Bagalkot district. Seer later but punishing the body earlier: Maybe, VC Hiremath now fondly revered as Hiremath Swamiji or Narasapur Mutt Swamiji has become the pontiff after his formal retirement. But he has started punishing his body much earlier. Shivayogi V. Geernavar, his erstwhile colleague in the Beynon Smith Methodist Degree College of Arts recalls-“His sacrificing nature much before adoring the saffron clothes can be termed as a rare phenomenon in the saga of Veerashiva-Lingayat culture. For record sake, he

Neelanjana Ayurveda Clinic plans free consultation camps across Bengaluru

The Bengaluru-based Neelanjana Ayurveda Clinic has drawn up ambitious plans to organize several free consultation camps across the city in the coming days. In fact, it has already been conducting such camps on a regular basis. Objective to make people’s life happy and healthy: According to Dr Saranya of Neelanjana Ayurveda Clinic, the objective is to - “Experience the healthy life through Ayurveda. Heal your mind and body with our treatments. Our objective is making people's lives happy and healthy through authentic Ayurvedic therapy by offering the most indulgent ayurvedic service and by setting the highest standards in quality of products & services”. Exclusive in-house medicines for Parkinson’s: Dr Saranya informs - “We have exclusive in-house medicines for Parkinson’s Disease, Psoriasis. Medicines are manufactured for Parkinson’s disease, Psoriasis and other skin diseases from our sister concern itself, giving emphasis on the quality to bring about the cure to the patients”

Veenadhari Institute's debut award 'Kaladhari' goes to Ms Nanditha Kannan

Veenadhari has taken a lot of initiatives to promote the cause of Music & Dance across the world. Kaladhari Award is instituted with main intention of motivating & encouraging upcoming & promising artists among younger lot in the field of Music & Dance.   Nanditha Kannan, a young & upcoming Carnatic Classical Vocalist from Chennai has been Chosen to receive the Kaladhari Award from Veenadhari for the year 2022. Thanks to Mrs.Anuradha Madhusudan. Ms.Nanditha Kannan  Nanditha Kannan is studying in her 12th grade at the Padma Seshadri Bhavan, but has come a long way in learning Carnatic classical music. Maybe, she is just in her teens from an age point of view. However, if, you happen to glance at her accomplishments so far perhaps you may have to rethink your opinion. Learning begins at the age of four: Nanditha Kannan’s grooming into Carnatic classical vocal music began at the tender age of four years. In fact, her initial vocal training began with her mother Laksh

Mahadeva Shetty KC family holds Varna Siri exhibition

Artist Mahadeva Shetty KC is holding an art exhibition ‘Varna Siri’ along with his artist wife Ms. Madhavi ML, and artist daughter Ms. Rachita M. Shetty at the Bengaluru Art Gallery of Yuva Patha in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. The 15 days exhibition began on the state formation day 01 November. Art, culture, and heritage: The exhibition on the eve of Rajyotsava celebrations is also coupled with the theme of highlighting the art, culture, and heritage of the state. Hence, Mahadeva Shetty KC presents paintings depicting ancient monuments while Ms. Madhavi ML exhibits are of fading leather puppets in a picturesque way. Ms. Rachita M. Shetty’s paintings are based on realistic antique pieces. Treat to the eyes: The paintings of Mahadeva Shetty KC are literally a visual treat. At times one gets confused as to whether they are paintings or photographs as the choice of colors enriches the quality of monumental structures. Paintings of leather puppets by Ms. Madhavi ML are a feast with primary colo

Dr. Parimala Jaggesh shows a way to bid adieu to Diabetes

AlaMirap Nutrition is a Bengaluru-based nutritional company and according to founder and CEO Dr. Parimala Jaggesh, AlaMirap is amongst the pioneer companies in the world providing nutritional counseling based on your Blood Glucose Levels exclusively - G.L.A.M. diet - a copyrighted diet process. And if you ask what is AlaMirap, it's Dr. Parimala’s name in the reverse direction! The core belief in the name is anyone, at any age, can start reversing their way back to health and wellness. Dr. Parimala Jaggesh, an Architect, a homemaker turned Medical Transcriptionist turned Dietician and Nutritionist admits- “These days the term Diabetic Reversal has become commercial. It falsely leads us to believe that every single diabetic can reverse and become a non-diabetic. Of course, lifestyle changes and interventions can assist pre-diabetics and a percentage of type-2 diabetics to reverse their diabetes, but not everyone. Dr. Parimala Jaggesh Whereas, the term she would like to use is Diabet

Pune Senior Citizens Become Role Models

The senior citizen forum of Silver Coin Appartments, Dhayari in Pune, decided to celebrate the ensuing Diwali in a new way. The project is named Narakasur wadha, of course in a totally new form through clearing the e-waste and unwanted waste stored in their homes. Space, a new problem: The demon Narakasur was first killed and then began the festival of lights, that is Deepawali. You all know that space is a problem in all households and offices, in all metros. Charity begins at home: The space utilization program thus took its new birth. As the saying goes that charity begins at home, the senior citizens decided in their Wednesday weekly meeting that each member should take up cleaning their flat by removing unwanted waste stored by them. Four days' deadline: Their first concentration was to give a call to keep e-waste, plastic waste and waste clothes, be kept in clean parking slots. The time given was four days and to the amazement of all, one dumper carried one ton of e-waste