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'Green Swamiji' continues to remain evergreen in the hearts of devotees Sri Tontada Siddalinga swamiji,pontiff of the revered Dambal-Gadag Samsthan Thontadarya Mutt in Gadag district headquarters left to heavenly abode on 20 October 2018.But his contribution for the welfare of society and commitment in restoring the environment unpolluted makes him remain in the minds and hearts of the people forever. In fact he was a much progressive seer compared to his traditional contemporaries of Veerashiva-Lingayat,one of the two dominant communities in the state of Karnataka apart from Vokkaligas who dominate in the Southern parts .Although the former are found in large numbers in the whole of North Karnataka,both of them worship Lord Shiva.Veerashiva-Lingayats happen to be vegetarians while the Vokkaligas are non vegetarians. Sri Siddalinga swamiji was fondly known as the 'Green Swamiji'. He earned the title following his relentless fight to thwart the attempts of min