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Karnataka's Belagavi district continues to tremble under the reign of terror

B elagavi, hitherto known as Belgaum district bordering Maharashtra on one side and Goa on the other is an interesting, lively and a piquant portion of land well known and notoriously known for many a reason continues to reel under severe threat if at all you wish to ponder about democracy and civilian rights.The district is again back in headlines following the renewal of Ramesh Jharkiholi , former district minister and Gokak Congress MLA's threat to bid adieu to the Congress party and join the Bharatiya Janata Party. This is not for the first time that the disgruntled Congress legislator is making his public stance clear for he had done so during the fag end of the previous year as well. In fact, he was camping at a Mumbai private five-star hotel for weeks together along with a handful of Congress MLAs' who was then seriously pondering over the issue of crossing over to the saffron party under the 'Operation Lotus' strategy of the BJP.However, the switching over did

Devegowda family relies heavily on divine power to retain power

Devegowda family relies heavily on divine power to retain power The temple run spree of HD Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister of the Janata Dal Secular- Congress alliance government continues to keep going unabated and the pace has dwindled now with the ten days state legislature session scheduled to commence from 10 December in Belagavi Suvarna Soudha. HD Kumaraswamy has reiterated umpteen number of time that he has occupied the chief minister’s position only because of the grace of almighty although the people of the state gave only 38 legislators to the party in the state Assembly. HD Devegowda family is again seeking divine blessings to manage the unstable power boat which has started making dangerous tilts, thanks to the frequent threats of ‘Operation Kamal’ by the 104 member Bharatiya Janata Party. A 20 days yaga for the improvement of HD Kumaraswamy’s fragile health apart from totally destroying all enemies on the political front is currently on at Sringeri, the abode of