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Tanzania Ngorongoro Conservation Area: Natural Beauty With Wildlife

Tanzania Ngorongoro Conservation Area If you want to go to an area where you can see both immense natural beauty and lots of wildlife, then you should head to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This area has thousands of animals, including some of the Big Five. Ngorongoro Conservation Area literally combines both nature and wildlife. This is because the biggest geographical draw to this area is the Ngorongoro Crater. However, this crater is also home to all the thousands of wildlife that we mentioned earlier. It really is a tourist attraction in Tanzania you don’t want to miss! Lake Manyara National Park As you have probably noticed, quite a lot of the tourist attractions in this guide are national parks. Tanzania isn’t a country that you visit to spend your time indoors, instead, it is somewhere that you visit to immerse yourself in nature. One of the best places to do this is Lake Manyara National park.  This national park is incredibly diverse, with areas of grasslands, swamps, woodland