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Justice GN Sabhahit: BMHS friends shower praises and gratitude

Thanks to the reunion of the 1976 Batch classmates on 29 February in Dharwad the get-together also became an event to recollect the contribution of the late Justice GN Sabhahit's family in shaping the lives of many classmates. It looked not only surprising but astonishing at the way the late state high court judge played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of friends and classmates of his son Narayan G Sabhahit. Best and worst moments of life: To begin with the annual meeting had a kick start as usual with the usual exchange of pleasantries and courtesies. Addressing in the typical, rustic Dharwad style deploying all possible euphemisms pulling each other's leg went on for a while it took some time for all those who had committed to turn around. When the session was almost halfway through Narayan G. Sabhahit proposed the idea of expressing the best and worst moments of life so far. Although there looked to be some reluctance on the part of a few dissidents the idea was wel