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Sumangala Mummigatti: A Science Broadcaster Par Excellence

Bengaluru: Science education, science communication, popularisation of science, and inculcating scientific temper and culture are inherently challenging tasks before the scientific community. Doing this job on the Radio in the absence of visual and illustrative aids is furthermore a challenge. AIR Bengaluru led by Dr H R Krishnamurthy and Sumangala S Mummigatti was the pioneer and stood as a bedrock of science broadcasts to set trends for AIR stations all over the country through its wide and impactful work of huge magnitude. An outstanding science broadcaster: Sumangala S Mummigatti took over the responsibility of Science programmes at AIR Bengaluru in 1993 and soon rose to become an exceptional Science broadcaster, writer, guide, trainer, motivator and change maker. She worked relentlessly with an exemplary degree of dedication, conviction and focus. Schooling and college education: She was born in Hubballi on 4th November and had her schooling and college education at Dharwad, Be