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Belagavi and the sweet story of Kunda becoming a part of life in the whole region

Bengaluru: Belagavi district on the Northern tip of Kittur (earlier Bombay or Mumbai) Karnataka bordering Southern Maharashtra is unique in multiple ways. Till recently and only a few decades back it was notoriously known for murders and topped the whole state in such heinous crimes for several years. It is well-known for its cash-rich crops like Tobacco and Sugarcane. Thanks to the mighty rivers Krishna, Ghataprabha and Malaprabha, most of the region is facilitated with the luxury of irrigation. An amalgamation of a few cultures: Thanks to the geographical location and proximity to the neighbouring states of Goa and Maharashtra Belagavi has over some time evolved into an amalgamation of diverse cultures including local, Goan, Portuguese and Maharashtrian. The Maratha Light Infantry traces its lineage to the Bombay Sepoys, raised in 1768 and thereby recording it as the most senior light infantry regiment in the Indian Army. Hence people belonging to almost all states of the country r