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Accomplished Forest Watcher Raju B Dies But No One Cries

Raju B, an accomplished Forest watcher of the Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) was recently trampled to death by a wild elephant on 08 February. However, there was no outcry over the development wherein the innocent Forest Department employee had to sacrifice his life while discharging his due duties in protecting the forests and wildlife in the terrain. Hue and cry incidents galore: Almost throughout the year you keep learning about the never-ending man and animal conflicts in the areas adjoining the green cover. It is also the same situation when it comes to villagers becoming victims due to the rage of wildlife. Whenever a person becomes prey to the raged pachyderm or Tiger hue and cry is let loose in the surrounding areas taking the Forest Department officials for a ride. The Department officials are gheraoed, abuses hurled, and compensation demanded for failing to protect the lives and property of the citizens. No one to cry for Forest Staff dying on duty: On the other ha