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ISRO scientists differ over establishment of communication with lander

T he scientific community of Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO), the country's premier space research organization seem to be divided over prospects of reestablishing communication network with VikramLander of Chandrayaan-2 . Although for the official record ISRO sources have put up a brave face in claiming that Chandrayaan-2 orbiter has clicked a thermal image of the lander and efforts are on to establish contact, however, there's another section which has its own doubt about any such success! In fact, things would have been altogether different had the lander were to have a smooth landing which unfortunately is not the case now. Though the lander is not broken or damaged, thanks to the hard landing it is now lying in a tilted position. A Senior scientist on condition of anonymity revealed: As of now persistent efforts are underway to reestablish communication network with the estranged lander but full system functionality is a must for ensuring such contact. Howeve