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Karnataka continues to repeat history

With the declaration of the 10 May general election results today and the Indian National Congress (INC) sweeping the polls upsetting the Bharatiya Janata Party’s apple cart is another reiteration of the state people’s tendency of repeating the history by packing off the ruling party in the dispensation. Although, the wave for change was candid clear by the writing on the wall but not to such an extent taking the Congress itself a big surprise. Oft repeated tendency: Just a few days prior to the polls no one in the political arena ever wondered about such a mandate but the Congress leaders repeatedly made claims of forming the government on their own. The practice of the state voters disowning the party in power began way back in 1978 and it has continued until this day in every other election but for the midterm poll during 1985. Gateway to South lost: By losing Karnataka, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has lost its only bastion in the whole of South India as all other remaining s

Karnataka: Swarthameva Jayate

“Politics make strange bedfellows’, is quite a common phrase to describe odd, unexpected alliances and agreements caused for a shared political interest. These days the literal meaning of such saying can be evinced in the state of Karnataka. Just three weeks remain for the 10 May 2023 general elections to the state Assembly while political scenario continues to remain murkier every passing day with no signs of the situation changing for better. Every day you hear about politicians with a variety of hues embracing some other color, which they had been fighting tooth and nail all along in their political innings. Well, that is the traumatic condition the state polls have stooped to!                                                                                         Image Source Unanimity among all parties: Interestingly, the tendency of peoples’ representatives changing sides overnight is not just restricted to either the ruling or major opposition parties alone. In fact, there has

Rs 1,000 crores to Temples, a big boost towards restoration

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has announced proposing Rs 1,000 crores towards comprehensive development and renovation of temples and various religious Mutts spread across the state in the state budget. In fact, this is not for the first time that a budgetary provision is being made for the improvement, renovation and restoration of old, ancient and heritage temples. Increase by Rs 425 crores: In comparision to the previous year’s allocation for the same purpose, the amount has been enhanced to Rs 425 crores which by any measure is a giant leap. The higher proportion is also no big a surprise as the chief minister also happens to be the finance minister. Maybe the trend Northward was expected this time but perhaps, not to such an extent. Although Rs 1,000 crores has been announced for the improvement and development of temples, there is no clear cut plan on the way it will be utilized. BSY lays down the practice: Releasing monetary benefit to the religious institutions an

Shishuvinahal: CM’s will triggers unprecedented tourism potential

Shishuvinahal or Shishunal of Shiggavi Taluk in the Haveri district is a sought-after place for pilgrims of Sant Shishuvinahal Sharif and his spiritual guru, Guru Govinda Bhatta. Shishunal Sharif is well known as a saint-poet, philosopher and social reformer while his philosophical verses have touched the hearts of admirers not only within the country but elsewhere also. Just like the revered Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, philosophical poet Sant Kabir, Sant Shishunal Sharif happens to be a rare gem going beyond the narrow limitations of caste, region and religion in spreading the significance of humanitarian values in one’s life. Miracles from childhood days: He was born on 03 July 1819 in Shishuvinahala village of the undivided Dharwad district and happened to be the only son and it is said that he was born late to his parents. Interestingly he bid adieu to the mortal life on 03 July. According to the local legend he is said to have been conceived as a result of divine blessings from the almi

BSY empties his old wine in Basavaraj Bommai's new bottle!

Basavaraj Bommai's one-man cabinet has at last been expanded on the eighth day after he was sworn in as Chief Minister last Wednesday. In between the new chief minister camped in the nation's capital, initially for two days and three days in the second lap to finalize his cabinet. But in the end, what has turned out reminds one of the old wines in a new bottle! And what else; much to the grouse of his detractors in the state and Delhi BS Yediyurappa continues to have the last laugh! Although the former chief minister succeeded in ensuring most members of the Bombay Team (Congress and Janata Dal-Secular MLAs' who resigned and joined BJP to topple the previous coalition government) continue to remain in the saddle, his all types of tricks, pressures and pulls didn't come to his rescue in enabling his second son BY Vijayendra to become a Minister. image source: The Indian Express Pupil got results and stripping of berth:  However, his masterstroke helped in dropping CP Yog

BS Yediyurappa Martyred on Martyrs Day!

Perhaps it may not be coincidental? BS Yediyurappa, Karnataka Chief Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party government put his papers to relinquish the position he had been holding for the last two years. He quitting the position midway and before the tenure ended formally has been happening repeatedly in his political career and this is for the fourth final time! Several theories are being propagated for his unceremonious sudden exit. One such, party insiders claim: This action is as per the "Understanding" BS Yediyurappa had agreed upon with the party top brass much before it was decided to hand over the mantle of the only state in the whole of South India wherein the saffron party enjoys power. Prior Agreement: Some even pinpoint that initially, such "agreement" was limited only to a period of one year as BSY was already 75+. However, as the only exception in the whole country, according to BSY, he was allowed to continue for one more year, thanks to the magnanim

Modern Days Vishakanta BS Yediyurappa

Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yediyurappa , usually known as BS Yediyurappa or BSY and Raja Huli(King Tiger) among his admirers looks to have reached the culmination point in his political innings with an overdose of never-ending ups' and downs'. According to his own pronouncements, he's putting up his papers for the coveted post which he adorned for the fourth time and like before a short-lived one! source: Economic Times It also goes to his credit of literally striving along with BB Shivappa, HN Ananthkumar and many others in enabling the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) from a four legislators' party to a ruling party. Probably BSY himself may not be remembering the number of times he has travelled across the state nook and corner, day and night and days together to campaign for the party whole heartedly. However, despite toiling for the party's victory several times, he hasn't been lucky to remain in the saddle for the whole term not even once. Whether you believe in