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Don't Touch Tea: Expert Doctor's Advice to Women

Strange, it may appear. Yes, the headline that you happened to read is correct and by the expert advice of our veteran ENT specialist with 41 years of experience. "The single most important reason for iron deficiency especially in females, I have found is drinking tea which is a very powerful chelating agent, must absolutely avoid this especially because I have seen too many young females suffering from iron deficiency anaemia causing by throat cancer (post cricoid cancer). Don't touch tea...and periodically get the haemoglobin checked" warns the Doctor, wishing to remain anonymous. Transferrin saturation Transferrin saturation: average 25% Transferrin saturation (TS), measured as a percentage, is a medical laboratory value. It is the value of serum iron divided by the total iron-binding capacity of the available transferrin, the main protein that binds iron in the blood, this value tells a clinician how much serum iron is bound. For instance, a value of 15% means that 15