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‘Aura’ surges ahead with a class of its own aura in the lighting lifestyle industry

Aura on the Kengal Hanumanthaiah Road in Bengaluru, over a period of time has emerged as a sought-after place for lighting solutions. Once you enter the multi-storied lighting heaven, you look like having come all together to a different world of its own. Each floor is equipped with an array of dazzling lights that fascinate any curious onlooker. One floor is completely dedicated to products from abroad and you name the international brand, you have heard of, Aura has a huge display of the products. 15,000 products in 16,000 square feet: Aura is considered to be among one of the largest lighting galleries in South India boasting a display area of 16,000 square feet showcasing 15,000 products under one roof! Their clientele makes a big list of celebrities including those from the glamour world, cricket, politics etc. apart from several Fortune 500 companies. A fifth-generation entrepreneur: The state of art firm owned by brothers, Karthik, Kaushik and Nandan of the renowned Tallam fam