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Resident Doctors become Impatient over Government Apathy

Karnataka Association of Resident Doctors(KARD) attempts to draw the attention of concerned authorities, the Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education Minister about their woes, plight and demands continue to remain unattended. Their repeated reminders over the pending demands for more than 15 months into the pandemic haven't helped in changing the situation for the better. Amidst continuous, extended hours and no weekly off routine, the junior doctors have been at an unprecedented receiving end hitherto unheard of even to their seniors in their lifetime. Source: During the first wave, 61 doctors succumbed to the deadly virus in the state while so far. eight of them became victims this year so far. What looks intriguing, cruel but unfortunately hardcore reality is some of them in the current year passed away for not getting beds in time. And their crime, the fatal infections they developed while trying to treat the admitted patients. In fact, the first wave had been m