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VG Siddarth: Mystery ends as body surfaces in Nethravathi river backwaters

VG Siddarth, Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) founder's body was traced this morning at around 6.30 am in the backwaters of Nethravathi river backwaters near Mangaluru and thereby ending all the rumours that were set afloat following his missing about 36 hours back.It may be recalled here that the sudden disappearance of the CCD founder on last Monday evening near the same Nethravathi river had led to a pandora's box and intriguing questions about his possible whereabouts and fate? Basavaraj Patil, his driver had complained to the police that his owner had directed him to drop near the river bridge and wait for him at the end of the bridge. Though VG Siddarth walked the distance suggested by him but preferred to return on the same bridge from the opposite side.In spite of waiting for long, VG Siddarth didn't return while his cell phone was getting a switched off tone. It was only after the arrival of some CCD staff and on their persuasion, the driver formally filed a missing complain