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Black Fungus: Complicated Challenges in Treatment

T he lives of the general public is already shattered by the hardships, pain and sorrow from the second wave of Covid-19 mutated viruses. As if these adverse conditions weren't enough they are now challenged with the fear of Black fungus infections. The second wave has been successful enough in exposing the ill-equipped infrastructure, both in the public and private sector. The sudden demand in terms of admissions, beds, ventilators and if all the three are met, paucity of life-saving oxygen leading to deaths continue to haunt like never before. source: Indian Express In comparison to the catastrophic havoc created by the Covid-19 second wave, the number of Black fungus cases as of now appears to be minimal. At the same time what is alarming is these patients are those who were assumed to have recovered from the fatal Corona. It is also now being learnt the treatment with steroids added to comorbidity conditions has aggravated the situation. Just like in the cases of both Covid-19