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Heart Problems: Prevention Better Than Cure Only Way Out

World Heart Day was observed yesterday highlighting the overall scenario in the field of Cardiovascular related woes and suggesting ways to reduce the occurrence in an alarming way in order to save precious human lives. Young populace becoming victims: There has been a paradoxical phenomenon being observed in recent times. Earlier it was almost a practice of 70+ year’s individuals to develop the tendency of ending up becoming victims of a variety of cardiac ailments. But, unfortunately, these days the younger generations in their early 30’s and 40s have started becoming prey! IACTS launches IACTS Outreach Day: The Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons (IACTS) launched an IACTS Outreach Day in the city at the Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research popularly known as Jayadeva Hospital. It aimed at educating people to adopt a healthier lifestyle as well as inspiring a new generation of doctors to further advance the field of cardiac surgery. Millions

PM and Yoga Guru Dr HR Nagendra's relationship span over four decades!

The Teacher and disciple association between Padma Shree Dr HR Nagendra also Chancellor of the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana Arogyadhama(S-VYASA) deemed to be a University here near Jigani in Anekal Taluk of the Bengaluru Rural district and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a long history of about four decades. A visitor from 1982: Padma Shree Dr HR Nagendra, dwelling over the four decades-long association recalled to Hindusthan Samachar in an exclusive interview-“The Prime Minister has been a regular visitor to the S-VYASA since the early eighties. He came here for the first time in 1982 and from then onward he has been a regular visitor. HV Seshadri, a veteran RSS leader and my uncle used to stay here in the Prashanti Kuteeram. Usually, all national-level RSS leaders and functionaries kept visiting him right from 1979-80… …Inaugurated the Reception building in 1983: Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited S-VYASA in 1982 for the first time it was only blossoming

Tulasi Raghavendra Hegde: A Child Prodigy for World Peace through Yakshagana

Tulasi Raghavendra Hegde of Bettakoppa village near the bustling business Sirsi town in Uttara Kannada district is a child prodigy. Although entering the Eighth standard from this academic year, she is already a household name in the region along with the Malnad and Coastal districts and elsewhere the traditional theatre Yakshagana is being showcased. Groomed from the womb: Strange it may look, but Raghavendra Hegde, Bettakoppa, journalist father of Tulsi Hegde recalls: “In fact, Tulasi has been ingrained with Yakshagana right from the womb stage itself as her mother and poetess Gayathri was listening to Yakshagana songs during pregnancy. As a natural instinct, Tulasi used to jump in a rhythmic way even at the age of One and a half years-Two years, whenever she heard about Yakshagana. At such an infancy stage, she used to view Yakshagana with rapt attention… …Makeup from the Third Year itself: She evinced interest in donning the Yakshagana make-up when she had just turned three years

Food can change lives: Nutritionist Dr Gauri Rokkam

Dr Gauri Rokkam is a well-known Holistic Nutritionist with experience in helping thousands of people worldwide for more than two decades. She firmly believes that healthy food and lifestyle can change lives, for good. It does not mend the body in parts but as a “whole” and is candid enough to claim: “When the body is rightly fed(in every sense), it wins battles while one experiences true health”. In an interaction, Dr Gauri Rokkam spoke on several issues revolving around human health, current practices of dealing with disease and the way out. Here are her viewpoints on a few issues: Holistic health is from a “whole person” perspective: Neither food nor body should be broken down into its parts. Food is a complex chemical factory. It should not be broken down into its components or specific nutrients because the components of food work in synergy with each other to produce desired effects. The body can work to its best and be in the best of health with whole foods, the way plants produ

KB Kulkarni provides a feast of water colours’

Senior artist KB Kulkarni has presented a solo painting exhibition at the KGLD Arts Gallery at Hoysalanagar, Sunkadakatte in the city. The exhibition which began on 27 February is on till 06 March. KBK, as he is popularly known in close circles will be turning 76 soon. Yet, the advanced age is no bar for continuing his favourite passion, playing with the water colours’. Landscapes in water colours’ in abundance: Although the exhibition is a conflux of a variety of works including oil paintings, the ones in acrylic and the abstract forms, landscapes in water colours’ seem to outnumber the remaining drawings. Even in the water colours’, the ruins, mountain terrain and the locations having a connection with the great epics dominate. Paintings on Naku Tanti: However, what perhaps needs to be lauded is his keen interest and enthusiasm in doing a couple of paintings on Naku Tanti, a collection of poems that bagged the coveted Jnana Peeth award to legendary poet Da. Ra. Bendre. He takes prid

Floriculture & Horticulture: Uttarakhand and Karnataka have a lot to share and grow…

Karnataka and Uttarakhand states have a tremendous scope to share information and expertise about their experience in the fields of Floriculture and Horticulture for mutual benefit and fostering growth to new heights. In comparison to the environment, geographical and climatic conditions both Karnataka and Uttarakhand are totally diverse in nature. However, if you happen to peep into the accomplishments of these two states in the two fields, it looks we have lost three fourths of a century in not dwelling over the issue. Just like they keep saying, “Better late than never”, its right and urgent time now to ponder over the matter. Karnataka leader in Floriculture: According to official statistics of the state government Karnataka is the leader in Floriculture accounting to 75 per cent of India’s total production. The state also has the highest area under modern cut flowers cultivation apart from having more than 40 flowers growing and exporting units.  First and only online auction cent

Karnataka and Uttarakhand rich with historic spots

Karnataka and Uttarakhand are more than a couple of thousand kilometres apart, yet they look to be too close when it comes to housing a large number of historic tourists spots. The new concept of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat’ with the intention of sharing information on culture, tourism and literature among the pairing states will go a long way in understanding diverse cultures and traditions. A noteworthy characteristic evinced in such an exercise is that despite both states comprising of quite opposite geographical regions and language barriers they come close in sharing the same culture. image source: Travel Triangle A big list of historical places: Both, Karnataka and Uttarakhand boasts a big list of historical places. Karnataka has a historical background of Nanda, Maurya, Satavahana, Kadamba, Ganga, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta and Chola dynasties. As a result the state also has several historical monuments and heritage sites which have also evolved into interesting spots for tourism ent

Karnataka: A land of robust arts and culture

Karnataka happens to be a vibrant state with robust arts and culture to its credit while Kannada, the main language spoken by most populace of the state is more than 2,000 years old. Kannada has also been classified as a one of the classical languages of the country. The state, hitherto called as Mysuru came into being during 1956 after the reorganization of states on linguistic basis. Thanks to Chief Minister D Devaraj Urs, the state was renamed as Karnataka on 01 November, the state formation day, in 1973. According to the 2014 census the population of the state is 6.41 crore. Four Revenue Divisions: The South Indian state facing the Arabian Sea on the South West comprises of four revenue divisions namely Bengaluru, Mysuru, Belagavi and Kalaburagi with 31 districts. It also borders Goa on the North West, Maharashtra on the North, Telangana to the North East and Andhra Pradesh on the East, Tamil Nadu to the South East and Kerala on the South. It happens to be the only state in South

Radio Mango draws Konkani listeners worldwide

Radio Mango sent waves in Canada and across the world by becoming the first Radio program in Konkani in North America and the Western hemisphere. It was on 29 September 2012 on FM 101.3 MHz and from that day onwards on every Saturday for six years Konkani programs continued to be aired. Ms Milena Marques-Zachariah originally from Goa and settled in Canada is the Producer and President of Radio Mango, Canada. From Broadcast Media to Advertisement: Alan Sequeira and Wilson Dsouza were her earlier partners. Ms Milena Marques did her Post Graduation in Mass Communications from St Xaviers’ at Mumbai. Though it was a broadcast media-related course she never practised it and entered into the advertisement medium as an Advertisement writer. She met Abraham Zachariah, another writer at FCB ULKA Company in Mumbai. The Goan girl married the Malayalee boy and from then onwards there was no looking back. Ms Milena Marques is full of praises to her husband Abraham Zachariah as she proudly pronounce

Rudrappa Mokashi’s accomplishments as Chairman, Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory, MK Hubli

Rudrappa Veerappa Mokashi, former Chairman of Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar factory at MK Hubli in Belagavi district passed away recently. He remained in office during the early Nineties for a brief period of one year and five months. But how he transformed the sick sugar mill into a profit-making unit is worth recalling even to this day. The pertinent question is because the Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory once again is embroiled in woes of its own. Unique and rare to find: You may feel, how many times this fellow wants to keep writing on the same personality already dealt with in these columns. You are absolutely right. Probably, that’s the interesting perspective about Rudrappa Veerappa Mokashi. Maybe, no one might have kept a count on the number of Chairmen of cooperative sugar factories in this state and country. But there can be no doubt that people like Rudrappa Mokashi are unique and rare to find. Cooperatives in the real sense: Ever since the cooperative movement made its