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Gujarat: Congress may increase its tally

The Indian National Congress (INC), which has been continuously sulking election after election for the past 27 years has reasons to smile. This time as the top echelons of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party in power is of the perception that the permanent opposition party is set to wrest more than 10-12 seats than its present strength of 60.                                                                            Image Source: Wikipedia   Congress to go upward: In fact, the Congress had won in 77 seats last time, but thanks to Operation Lotus, 17 of them just walked away into the ruling party for green pastures. Going by the popular mood and pre-poll surveys of many a media outlet and acceptance of none other than the BJP itself, Congress is said to be increasing its tally compared to the present strength. BJP hint increase of INC seats: BJP top leaders themselves confide that the Congress party looks like increasing its party strength in the state Assembly. A senior AICC

Bengaluru: Cloud burst expose civic bodies

The cloud burst over the city from the past one week and more so on Sunday 04 September has not just rattled the daily life but literally exposed the preparedness of the civic bodies at such junctures. East gets marooned: No doubt, the Sunday rains dubbed to be only such in the past 94 years has brought the whole of East Bengaluru under waters. If the main roads at Bellanduru, Maratahalli, Sarjapur, HSR Layout leading to the Electronic city have transformed into streams the residential layouts look like lakes. Villas become swimming pools: The pathetic conditions of those who shelved money like water to build luxury villas are made to weep as the residential units wore a sight of open swimming pools as long as you can see. These residents' have also been compelled to flee from their own houses, for owning which most of them had to drench their lifetime earnings. Normal life goes haywire: However, the lives of all those migrant labourers who came from all across the state and coun

BSY empties his old wine in Basavaraj Bommai's new bottle!

Basavaraj Bommai's one-man cabinet has at last been expanded on the eighth day after he was sworn in as Chief Minister last Wednesday. In between the new chief minister camped in the nation's capital, initially for two days and three days in the second lap to finalize his cabinet. But in the end, what has turned out reminds one of the old wines in a new bottle! And what else; much to the grouse of his detractors in the state and Delhi BS Yediyurappa continues to have the last laugh! Although the former chief minister succeeded in ensuring most members of the Bombay Team (Congress and Janata Dal-Secular MLAs' who resigned and joined BJP to topple the previous coalition government) continue to remain in the saddle, his all types of tricks, pressures and pulls didn't come to his rescue in enabling his second son BY Vijayendra to become a Minister. image source: The Indian Express Pupil got results and stripping of berth:  However, his masterstroke helped in dropping CP Yog

Karnataka Pontiffs become power brokers for ministerial berths

BS Yediyurappa , Karnataka Chief Minister underwent an embarrassing situation Yesterday during a public function at Davanagere when Vachananda Swami, the pontiff of the local Panchamasali sect demanded three ministerial berths in the state cabinet. The yoga teacher turned swami was not content with his single point demand. He warned the chief minister that Murugesh Nirani, former Industries Minister who was also present on the stage, should be inducted to the cabinet at any cost and if not the chief minister will have to face the wrath of the Panchamasali community! This sort of public admonishing made the chief minister being let down and became furious. He pleaded with the swami in his early forties to give suggestions and not warnings and threatened to walk out, giving back the swami in the same coin. However, the former local private TV channel's yoga programmer turned swami directed the CM to stay back and heed to the list of demands. The CM with much reluctance stayed bac

Karnataka INC, JD-S leaders day dreaming about becoming CM's while BJP sets "Operation 2" in motion

T hanks to the political developments at Maharashtra, the Indian National Congress(INC) and Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) leaders of the state are in a upbeat mood to come back to power by burying the hatchet. However, to upset their day dreaming of returning to power and thwart all mega plans the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) is said to have set in motion "Operation Lotus 2". The electioneering campaign for the ensuing 05 December bye-elections to 15 Assembly constituencies began with a dull note but for Siddaramaiah, former chief minister and Congress Legislative Party(CLP) leader taking the lead all alone in a whirlwind fashion. Interestingly as the day of public campaigning ends by tomorrow evening, Siddaramaiah by and large has remained all alone in campaigning for the party candidates. Many a party senior leader have chose it wise to abstain themselves from joining hands with the former chief minister elevated as CLP leader soon after the fall of JDS-INC coalition go

Karnataka bye-polls: Ruling BJP poised for a clean sweep?

T he ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) looks to be poised for a comfortable win in a majority of the 15 state Assembly constituencies wherein bye-polls are scheduled on coming Thursday 05 December. However, Rajarajeshwarinagar in Bengaluru city and Maski constituency in Raichuru district are not included in this phase of bye-polls as the defeated BJP candidates have contested the victory of the then rival Congress candidates in both these constituencies during the May 2018 general elections. A lot of dust has been created among the BJP, INC and JD-S leaders who have been overbusy these days by washing linen in public during the electioneering campaign which is getting over in the next couple of days. Although the polling process is slated to be over on 05 December, the results will be known only on next Monday, 09 December when the Electronic Voting Machines(EVM's) will be unlocked for counting of votes. These bye-elections made inevitable due to the resignations of 14 Indi

Karnataka: BSY gets a reprieve as HDK offers olive leaf?

T he BS Yediurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state government has enough reasons to heave a sigh of relief following an olive leaf offered by HD Kumaraswamy, former chief minister and state Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) party president. HD Kumaraswamy recently announced: Siddaramaiah, former chief minister and Congress Legislature Party (CLP) may be in a hurry to topple this government and go for elections. But I will not allow that to happen…The sudden and unexpected move by the self-proclaimed regional peasants outfit otherwise dubbed as father and sons, now grandsons’ party by detractors is not out of any special love and affection for the saffron party or its chief minister but for a well-orchestrated political strategy to exist and thrive. Of late the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) legislature party is a divided house and has internally led into multiple diverse factions. Three legislators including H Vishwanath (represented Hunsuru constituency in Mysuru district) former state par

Karnataka Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) facing threat of extinction?

I s   the state   Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) regional party facing a threat of immediate disintegration to start with and ending up into extinction later?     Well, this has been a pertinent question doing rounds in the state political circles since quite a few days and as of now although the thought may appear to be a figment of imagination, the developments in the party do not dispute such a possibility sooner or later! GT Devegowda, Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) leader who trounced Siddaramaiah at Chamundeshwari Assembly constituency in Mysuru district during the May 2018 general elections looks to be moving far away from the party fold if his outbursts against the rank and file of the party are to be taken for consideration. He has been repeatedly bashing SR Mahesh, another JD-S leader of Mysuru district. Both were ministers in the previous JDS-Congress coalition government and have fallen apart for various personal and political reasons. SR Srinivas, former minister, Gub

Karnataka : Seniors rewarded while dissidents angry for being left out

T he 25 days old lone member BS Yediyurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party cabinet in the state has at last been expanded today with the induction of 17 new cabinet ministers. Among them include 11 former ministers including Jagadish Shettar, former chief minister and two Deputy chief ministers , R Ashok and KS Eshwarappa . The other former ministers include S Sureshkumar, V Somanna, Govind Karajol, LS Savadi, Basavaraj Bommai, B Sriramulu, CC Patil, Kota Sreenivas Pujari and H Nagesh.The first time ministers are Dr Ashwathnarayan CN, CT Ravi, JC Madhuswamy, Prabhu Chavan and Ms Shashikala Annasaheb Jolle.15 members of the state Assembly have joined the cabinet while Kota Sreenivas Pujari, leader of the house in the state legislative Council is the lone member representing the upper house. However, Lakshman Sangappa Savadi, former cooperation minister in the DV Sadanandagowda ministry and who is not a member of either of the houses has made it to the cabinet. It may als

Devegowda family relies heavily on divine power to retain power

Devegowda family relies heavily on divine power to retain power The temple run spree of HD Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister of the Janata Dal Secular- Congress alliance government continues to keep going unabated and the pace has dwindled now with the ten days state legislature session scheduled to commence from 10 December in Belagavi Suvarna Soudha. HD Kumaraswamy has reiterated umpteen number of time that he has occupied the chief minister’s position only because of the grace of almighty although the people of the state gave only 38 legislators to the party in the state Assembly. HD Devegowda family is again seeking divine blessings to manage the unstable power boat which has started making dangerous tilts, thanks to the frequent threats of ‘Operation Kamal’ by the 104 member Bharatiya Janata Party. A 20 days yaga for the improvement of HD Kumaraswamy’s fragile health apart from totally destroying all enemies on the political front is currently on at Sringeri, the abode of

Ramya stirs another controversy by vacating rented house in Mandya overnight

Ramya stirs another controversy by vacating rented house in Mandya  overnight Ramya alias Divya Spandana,popular Kannada heroine turned Congress MP,spokesperson is again back in news by vacating her rented bungalow at Mandya overnight. She had taken the house on rent with an intention of resuming her political career in Mandya from where she had been elected to the lower house of Parliament once. It may be recalled here that during the 2014 Parliament elections she had lost to CS Puttaraju of the Janata Dal Secular by a meagre margin of 5,518votes.In the photo finish polls she had polled 5,18, 852 votes. After the closely drawn battle and losing the elections she had shifted from Mandya and was also maintaining a low profile in the district Congress politics. Of late she had attracted ire of the district people by condoling the death of MH Ambareesh over twitter and failing to pay her tributes in person in spite of being very much in Bengaluru. Fearing mob frenzy over