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Today's Words: Haku, Jouissance, Smorgasbord

  H ah-Koo: N oun (in Hawaii) a crown of fresh flowers. MORE ABOUT HAKU First recorded in 1835–40. Comes from Hawaiian and means literally, “to arrange, put in order, compose, braid.” EXAMPLES OF HAKU The hula dancer gracefully moved across the stage, her  haku  swaying with each step. As a symbol of celebration and honour, he presented a fragrant  haku  to the guest of honour. Jouissance [ zhwee-sah n ns ] noun pleasure; enjoyment . MORE ABOUT JOUISSANCE First recorded in English in 1480–90. Comes from Old French, equivalent to  jouiss -, stem of  jouir  “to enjoy.” EXAMPLES OF JOUISSANCE The novel’s rich descriptions and poetic language offered readers moments of  jouissance  as they immersed themselves in its captivating narrative. The ballet performance was a masterpiece of grace and passion, eliciting feelings of  jouissance  in all who had the privilege to witness it. Smorgasbord [  smawr -g uh s-bawrd,  shmawr - ] MORE ABOUT SMORGASBORD First recorded in 1875–80. Comes from the