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Food, Nutrition has huge potential for employment generation: CA CR Murali

CR Murali, a city based Chartered Accountant is quite enthusiastic about the new Food and Nutrition courses on the way to be launched by Ravindra Prasad, wellness Guru and former International Operations Head of the Art of Living (AoL) of Sri Ravishankar Guruji. In an exhaustive interview he spells out his thoughts on the subject.  CA CR Murali Here are the excerpts: Q: How come food and nutrition has come to focus all of a sudden? CR Murali: Health has become an issue today. The input and output of a system gets deteriorated because of the food while food acts as an agent. As you might be aware of the Hindu shastras don’t consider disease as negative aspect whereas the modern medicine tends to consider it so. It is only a symptom of something going wrong in the body functions while the cure is given by Lord Vishnu himself in his avatar as Dhanwantri. So, for us medicine is not science but a part of Veda and as good as Bhagavad-Gita itself. Every activity of human being, why just human

IAF to focus on resurrection of traditional concepts for healthy society: Dr CA Kishore

Dr CA Kishore, President of the city based India Ayurveda Foundation is a multifaceted personality apart from being an Ayurvedic doctor by profession. In a freewheeling interaction, he ponders over the ailments haunting the society at large and proposes several activities towards ensuring a healthy society and thereby a healthy country.  Excerpts from the interview: Can you introduce yourself and your activities? Dr CA Kishore: I have basically come from a rural background while I did my graduation from Hubballi and did my MD in Internal Medicine i.e. Kaya Chiktsa in Ayurveda. Later on I did my Master's in Nutrition & Dietitics ,PG in Journalism and Mass communication persuading my Ph.D in Sanskrit as of now. I am practicing Ayurveda from the last 22 years in Bengaluru and my specialty is all about chronic disorders. Dr CA Kishore How do you wish to view the present day’s patient-doctors connection? Dr CA Kishore: I would wish a patient or a health care person to enter into my

Arogya Ratna award to Dr Madhusudan KR

Dr Madhusudan KR, renowned holistic healer of the International Reiki Foundation in the city was bestowed the 'Arogya Ratna' award at the recently concluded two days international workshop on alternative medicine. The prestigious award was presented to Dr Madhusudan KR at the second World Congress on Traditional Medicine conducted by the Indian Holistic Medical Research Foundation by the Vice Chancellor of the Kazakhstan university. The international conference was attended by holistic experts from across the world and the award was in recognition of attending the two days special workshop. It was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. The Indian Holistic Medical Research Foundation has been registered with the Government of Telangana in Hyderabad and accredited by the International Accreditation Organization under the Ministry of MSME, Government of India and certified by the British Council of Complementary Therapies. Recalling his partici

PM and Yoga Guru Dr HR Nagendra's relationship span over four decades!

The Teacher and disciple association between Padma Shree Dr HR Nagendra also Chancellor of the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana Arogyadhama(S-VYASA) deemed to be a University here near Jigani in Anekal Taluk of the Bengaluru Rural district and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a long history of about four decades. A visitor from 1982: Padma Shree Dr HR Nagendra, dwelling over the four decades-long association recalled to Hindusthan Samachar in an exclusive interview-“The Prime Minister has been a regular visitor to the S-VYASA since the early eighties. He came here for the first time in 1982 and from then onward he has been a regular visitor. HV Seshadri, a veteran RSS leader and my uncle used to stay here in the Prashanti Kuteeram. Usually, all national-level RSS leaders and functionaries kept visiting him right from 1979-80… …Inaugurated the Reception building in 1983: Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited S-VYASA in 1982 for the first time it was only blossoming

Nutrition courses to generate employment and holistic health

The city-based WEEFA Wellness Solutions Private Limited organization known for marketing organic products and creating awareness about a healthy lifestyle is now set in to launch a variety of nutrition courses for the unemployed youths, doctors and teachers. Ravindra Prasad, Business Consultant of Weefa disclosed the plans on the way in this connection. Two million graduates jobless: Giving a graphic detail about the present scenario, Ravindra Prasad informs: “It is important to ponder about the number of job creations we will be able to generate with the help of these courses. According to the information available, over two million graduates are jobless and likewise the case of Postgraduates. Usually, most of them are compelled to do menial jobs to pull on. I have seen a number of youths, BA and B Com graduates driving autos. This is the paradoxical situation prevailing as we are not giving a platform to Saraswati after completing their education… …Job creation concern of the nation:

Organic Food as Medicine, need of the hour: Ravindra Prasad

Ravindra Prasad is a big name in Silicon Valley and worldwide, thanks to his multiple backgrounds in Transcendental Meditation and the Art of Living. He had an amazingly successful stint with the Art of Living founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji as Chairman, Managing Trustee globetrotting as a Corporate Guru and Trainer. Now, he has completely left behind the earlier trodden paths to venture into wellness being. As a Business Consultant of Weefa (Weefa Wellness Solutions Private Limited), he is making strides in the food market with the sole aim of consuming food as medicine. He has already treaded a long way so far in this direction, but the journey looks to be too long. Here, in a freewheeling interaction, he looks back makes introspection and explains his vision forward.  image source: Excerpts of the interview: Q: You have been associated with alternative systems to Allopathy for curing and healing ailments. Can you recall your journey in this direction? Ravindra Pra

Dr Madhusudan KR calls for including Reiki in the list of alternative modes of treatments

Dr Madhusudan KR, an international expert on Reiki has called upon the state and central governments to include Reiki in the list of alternative modes of treatment. He feels that such a step will go a long way in treating lakhs of patients to find solaces, who otherwise are not being cured completely by other forms of medication. Reiki left out from Ayush: Although the Union Government has brought Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy under the purview of AYUSH, however, Reiki continues to be leftover from the list. Interestingly, there are lakhs of Reiki practitioners across the country and the system is also said to have cured several chronic diseases. Medical Graduate becomes a Reiki healer: In fact, Dr Madhusudan K.Ranebennur is a medical graduate specializing in the treatment of chest ailments. But, thanks to a peculiar problem he underwent and after failing to find a solution in modern medicine, he drifted away to Reiki healing. Now he is a successful Reik

Diabetes can be cured, challenges Reiki healer Dr Madhusudan KR

Dr Madhusudan KR has been practising Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Mexican Healing, Psychic Surgery, Melchizedek Healing... since 1995 and there has been no looking back from then onwards. Despite being a medical graduate having specialized in treating chest diseases, thanks to a peculiar problem finding permanent relief through Reiki he switched over to practising energy medicine. Not only he has been treating but also teaching people as he informs of having successfully treated more than 1,50,000 chronic cases. He tells of having conducted more than 5,000 seminars training more than 120,000 students across the country in Reiki and other healing methods. Some of the great personalities treated by him include the late Kannada matinee idol Dr Rajkumar, late Kannada superstar Dr Vishnuwardhan, and late Guinness book of records holder for the highest number of eye surgeries Dr MC Modi, late veteran Kannada comedian M Shivaram, and Kannada actor Srinath, among many others. In a candid conversation,

Famine struck Farmer Deelipkumar evolved into a Businessman by sheer efforts and hard work

Deelipkumar of Sira town in Tumakuru district, thanks to the famine conditions was reduced to penury in 2000. But his hard efforts, relentless struggle and endurance to withstand hurdles on the way, over a period of time he has evolved into a successful businessman! Famine blocks education as well: He studied up to the 12th standard in Sira. He got admission to the Degree course but couldn’t fulfil his dream of becoming a graduate. The unprecedented famine that struck the state in 2000 during SM Krishna’s tenure as the Chief Minister had a drastic setback for all peasants of the state. Deelipkumar had two bore wells in their fields and both of them dried up. His father advised him to give up plans of continuing in agriculture and seek alternatives to make a living. Rs 1,500 salary for working the whole night! : As he knew driving and owned a Maruti van, he took up the job of supplying liquor bottles (Seconds) s to the bars at night times and went to the college during the day. For wor