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Relocating to a Nursing Home

"The workroom at St James's workhouse" from The Microcosm of London (1808). Do read this article. It is worth A lady (85 yrs old), is thinking of leaving Mumbai and shifting to a senior citizens colony near Pune. Her husband passed away many years ago. She educated and married her three daughters who are now US citizens. They have two kids each of who is now in High School/College. The lady herself travelled to the US many times on her own. She lived there for six months or more, on six occasions, when her daughters delivered babies. The other day, she became emotional and disclosed her plan to settle for assisted living in an old age home in Pune, and that she had no intention to go back to the US for reasons of her own. One can feel her emotions very strongly, as all of us may have to face the same dilema in our sunset years too. Please read the Article below. The lady was feeling the same way as the author of the Article, who has written this beautiful piece. This Art

Lieutenant General BS Raju honoured with Param Vishist Seva Medal PVSM

Lieutenant General Baggavalli Somashekar Raju, currently serving as the 44th Vice Chief of the Army Staff has been honoured with the prestigious Param Vishist Seva Medal PVSM on the eve of Republic Day celebrations, this year. He took over as Vice Chief of the Indian Army on 01 May 2022. A big list of accolades: Param Vishist Seva Medal PVSM is the latest feather in Lieutenant BS Raju’s proud cap. In fact, the number of awards he has received during his illustrious services in the mighty defence force so far makes too big a list. Perhaps the latest one, Param Vishist Seva Medal PVSM is a crown among them. A glance at some of them: If, you would like to have a quick glance at some of them, here goes the shortlist: Uttam Yudh Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal, Siachen Glacier Medal, Sainya Seva Medal, High Altitude Service Medal, 9 Years Long Service Medal, 20 Years Long Service Medal, 30 Years Long Service Medal, Indian Military Training Team Bhutan Medal, Videsh Seva Medal, 50th Anniversary

Bhai Jee, like Gandhi, deployed Music as a tool for social change: Krishna Itnal

Salem Nanjundaiah Subba Rao or SN Subba Rao’s passing away has left behind an indelible impact on lakhs of people all over the world. Most of the young boys and girls who first came in contact with Bhai Jee, a few decades back are now in their early 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. But such an advanced age is no deterrent to having reminiscences of the moments they spent with the revered soul. Krishna Itnal, a septuagenarian Gandhian settled in Pune and an ardent follower of the late messiah of peace has suddenly become dumb of emotions. He retired as an Administrative Officer of the public sector Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) but never behaved like a typical Sarkari Baboo while in service. He came in touch with Bhai Jee in Dharwad when the latter visited the local Gandhi Peace Foundation (GPF) centre along with two former dacoits of the dreaded Chambal valley, Tehashildar Singh and Lokman Dikshit known as Lukka in 1977. Non-stop association for 44 years: Once, the session of render

Covid-19: Suicides continue to haunt Pune citizens

C oronavirus pandemic continues to make a devastating effect on the lives of all sorts of people in the society here and elsewhere across the globe. Although the alarming situation is coming close to normal in a handful of countries, back home the conditions appear scary from bad to worst. After successful implementation of 1:0 and 2:0 lockdown periods throughout the country, the countrymen sighed a heave of relief that the numbers of infections and casualties were far behind such figures in the United States, Italy and many other Western countries.But such a feeling appeared to be an initial mirage while the real big danger was closely, wickedly watching from behind. And the fellow countrymen did little to disprove the deadly killer virus wrong. Once the lockdown measures began to be withdrawn slowly, migrant labourers, students, tourists and others stranded across the country started to make a beeline toward their native places. Perhaps this was the initial phase for the Coronavirus