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Paediatric Infrastructure: Need of the Hour to Face Third Wave-Dr V Ravi

W hile the country is literally struggling in managing to face the challenges thrown open up by the multiple variants of the mutated Covid-19 virus, health experts are pressing to gear up the paediatric health infrastructure in order to withstand the onslaught of the Third Wave. image: Dr V Ravi, renowned virologist popularly well-known as Virus Ravi or NIMHANS Ravi is categorical: The size of the Third wave is much small. As India is a huge country with 30 crore children we need to panic about the health care facilities, infrastructure and paediatric ventilation... ...Resumption of schools or interruption should be the subjects we should start discussing now. Since schools are super spreading venues for the virus, this is high time we begin to discuss issues pertaining to the subject at least now, he warns. We are amidst the second wave. But we cannot tend to forget the grave fact that already 2,500 kids were killed in Brazil. Taking cognisance of the Third wave with

Covid-19 Vaccine: Myths, Facts and Where India Stands?

T he whole country is embroiled over the Covid-19 vaccine scenario. There's not much difference on the ground situation, irrespective of the states or Union Territories. People continue to grumble on the paucity of these vaccines and many of them are still sweating even to have the first dose itself. Soon after the first wave and once vaccines started to pile out from the laboratories, it's altogether an adverse condition. As we love to figure out politics in everything, the vaccine was no exception. So-called leaders of different parties, state and national felt it the right time to hurl abuses at the government and the Prime Minister. They went to the extent of declaring it to be "Modi and BJP Vaccine", swearing publicly against getting it injected. People apolitical too got confused and perplexed in the melee. But by then the manufacturing process was in full swing. The patented companies had pumped in huge investments over the exercise. Thanks to the initial reluc

Black, White and Yellow Fungi not new to Panic: Dr Anirudha R. Podder

While those in power are in jittery and all those in the health sector are literally facing unheard challenges of their lifetime in the form of Covid-19 mutated virus, of late both of them appeared to be a bit relieved. But with the emergence of Black fungus cases and their gradual surge has again raised alarms!  image source: New Indian Express Dr SR Narahari, Director of Institute of Applied Dermatology, Kasargod district in Kerala opines: Thanks to the fall in numbers of positive cases and dip in admissions to the ICU, in general, it looks the curve has begun to flatten. The deaths may be more due to other comorbidities rather than Covid-19 mutated virus only, he feels. Dr Deepak V. Haldipur, a renowned ENT surgeon having the unique distinction of performing the maximum number of Black fungus surgeries in the state is right in a way. He feels the surge in the number of Black fungus cases is not all that alarming in comparison to the state population for the local "terrorist bro

BGML Hospital Comes to Life after 20 Years

T hanks to the second fatal wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hitherto closed Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML) hospital at Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) in the Kolar district is bubbling with life. The hospital which had downed its shutt ers along with the mining company in 2001 will open its doors formally tomorrow. Pralhad Joshi, Union Parliamentary Affairs and Mining Minister is scheduled to inaugurate the facility through a virtual meeting. In fact, it was at the Minister’s go-ahead nod to the plea by the local Kolar MP S Muniswamy, the activities to clean up the premises of the hospital spread in a Five acres were taken in a full swing. This so far defunct hospital boasts of interesting history. The health care unit was set up way back in 1894 and remained healthy until 2001. It remained to be one of the other biggest hospitals in Asia since its inception. According to N. Jagannath Rao, businessman by profession and BJP KGF unit Core Committee Member, it was planned to revive the hospi

Governments Concerned about Coffers and not Common Mans' Lives!

G overnments, irrespective of State or Union, BJP, Congress or Communist have proved beyond doubts that in attending to the challenges of the Corona Pandemic, managing to fill the coffers is much more important rather than striving to protect the lives of the citizens! image : If you were to recollect the developments relating to the spread of the deadly virus disease in this country the funniest and paradoxical facts continue to reiterate that the rulers, political and bureaucratic and all those in the private health sector minting money bags in the name of service to humanity continue to commit grave blunders and not unknowingly! March 2020: India as a whole was not literally in an alarming situation but for being perturbed at the toll of Wuhan originated fatal virus in China. The first infections began with the arrival of the Non-Resident Indians', Students studying abroad, Tourists, Businessmen and Parents on bon-voyage and pilgrimage.It was then everyone started

Corona at our doorsteps, fear doctors and health workers

The Coronavirus pandemic after rattling the common people belonging to different walks of life now looks like threatening the very lives of the life-giving and rescuing doctors and health workers at large following many casualties in the health sector across the country and elsewhere on the globe. image: economic times According to the Indian Medical Association(IMA), the parental body of the medical fraternity 93 doctors on COVID duty have died so far. Dr Ranjan Sharma, head of IMA has disclosed: 1,279 doctors have been tested positive so far. Among them, 771 doctors are less than 35 years of age, 247 doctors above the age of 35 years and 261 above the age of 50 years. Interestingly these numbers do not include the health workers like Nurses, Para-Medical staff and related workers. However, the IMA is working on a research paper to find out the causes leading to the deaths. Probably these findings may throw further light on the exact reasons for the fatalities and infections becoming

Lockdown motivates companies to look for alternatives

T he deadly Coronavirus pandemic has by and largely devastated the lives of ordinary mortals apart from affecting industries big and small in general. It has left no sector unaffected and as a result crores of workers are forced to undergo big havoc unseen and unheard of in their lifetime! Despite such adverse conditions, some companies have gone out of the way to keep going in a minuscule manner possible and at the same time contribute their mite towards the war against combating the killer virus. Aditya Auto Products and Engineering Limited is one such company having manufacturing facility at the Doddaballapur Industrial area on the outskirts of Bengaluru which deserves mention for its innovative ways in performing even during a perplexing condition full of odds all the way.According to Suresh Sethuraman, CFO of Aditya Auto Products and Engineering Ltd. company, they thought of producing Assisted Respirators taking into consideration the huge shortage of Artificial Respiratory System