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Indians look to be waiting for a major catastrophe to happen?

I t looks as though people of the country are far far away from being serious of the consequences of the deadly Coronavirus if at all it spreads like a wildfire at the community level, going by the behaviour of moving around freely. Despite being the fifth day of the national lockdown, the general public irrespective of the towns, cities and states they belong to tend to take rescue in the same pattern of unwanted, unwarranted and more dangerous way of loitering around whether genuinely required or not. In fact, this tendency of behaviour is not being noticed for the first time either. That seems to be the order of the day ever since the Janata Curfew was declared to be observed on last Sunday 22 March. It appears people have no thought on the precautionary measures initiated by the state and central governments in their own interest and the interests of the society and country at large. Though it has been made crystal clear that the emergency services like water, milk, electricity

MOU between Illinois University and Ramaiah Group of Institutions

T he University of Illinois in the United States has come forward to have a Memoranda of Understanding(MOU) with the city-based Ramaiah Group of Institutions for comprehensive educational research and academic excellence through students and faculty exchange program. Timothy L.Killeen, 20th President of the University of Illinois made this announcement to a media conference here today in the presence of Dr. M R Jayaram, Chairman, Ramaiah Group of Institutions and senior colleagues of both the institutes of learning. The University of Illinois has unveiled a one billion dollar initiative per annum for enhancing infrastructure in medical health care, education, research, and multiple areas to ensure world-class facilities in other countries deprived by such systems, informed Timothy L. Kileen.He declared: The University of Illinois with separate Universities at Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana-Champaign has 86,000 plus students system and has a partnership with 12 countries. However