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Glycaemic Index in Fruits and Foodstuff

Probably the discussion on managing Blood Pressure (BP) and Blood Sugar (Diabetes) looks never-ending with different medical systems proclaiming divergent views on the subject. The traditional system practitioners from ancient Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy among many others are of the viewpoint that both, BP and sugar-related problems are health disorders and not diseases. However, the allopathy doctors continue to scare you warning that once diagnosed a hypertension and sugar patient, you need to be on pills for a lifetime. These days, it looks like the less you know the better for your peace of mind. Immunologist comes up with a Lab test group: A renowned ENT specialist with more than 41 years of experience has formed a WhatsApp group to share information on the prevailing ailments to create awareness among the practising medical fraternity. There are 607 doctors in the group barring me, an illiterate in medical science. When pressed to use the content for public interest,