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Labour Perception Bias

Labour Perception Bias In the fast-paced world we inhabit, there is a prevailing notion that the value of time is directly proportional to the effort invested. We often equate success with arduous labour and are sceptical when solutions appear too swift or effortless. However, hidden beneath this common perception lies a fascinating phenomenon known as the 'Labor Perception Bias.' In 1998, Citibank & The Travelers Insurance Company merged. They hired legendary designer Paula Scher to create a new logo. In their first meeting, on a napkin, Scher drew what became the iconic Citi logo. As Scher got up to leave the room, someone from the Citi team asked, "How can it be that it’s done in a second?" “It’s done in a second and 34 years," Scher replied. “ It’s done in a second & every experience and everything that’s in my head.” As Scher became a master of her craft, she experienced an interesting problem, "A lot of clients like to buy the process," sh