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Medical Education in Russia, Ukraine, China etc. far from good: Dr Deepa Sunil Nadkarni

Thanks to the Russian invasion over neighbouring Ukraine and last-minute efforts to bring the stranded Indian medical students back home has given rise to a sequel of worrisome factors related to medical education abroad. Initially, big blame was put on the system here where even meritorious students scoring 97 per cent in the +12 standard fail to get a seat while foreign universities were lauded for imparting medical courses at a quarter of the expenditure. Only a negligible per cent of foreign medical graduates qualify: The more you try to peep in, the issue looks like becoming more perplexed. Contrary to what was being proclaimed in public, your marks in PUC alone don’t matter for a medical seat. Earlier your marks in the CET at the state level mattered while the same has paved the way to NEET at the national level now. Apart from that, according to the statistics available from the official sources, only 20 per cent of foreign medical graduates qualify back home! Medical counsellin