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Working On Your Monitor Constantly Leads To Neck Becoming Frozen

Diabetic complications are terrible and includes blindness , kidney disease, neuritis . These are not caused by the sugar but by end glycation products EGP.. and these can be blocked by one molecule ... Benfotiamine Every diabetic must take this. My mother's progression of blindness stopped after i gave this drug. Tab Renerve bt one morning daily for life If anyone wants a prescription, i can give it. Of course, control of diabetes is a must. The best way to freshen yourselves is to spray your face with a water mist . This bottle is ideal...have one on your table, in the car... Even an ounce of extra fat in your body can cause great harm. Do not suffer. It can fill the brain--stroke heart-- heart block Gall bladder-- stone Kidney----- blood pressure Pancreas---diabetes, pancreatitis. Abdomen ---- hernia Penis---------- ED Completely remove it and be safe. Only when you're bedridden will you know the true colour of your friends Health is wealth directly message me. You're f