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Saliva: Interesting Characteristics to Keep the Oral Health Intact

Human saliva, produced in Salivary glands comprises 99.5 water along with many other important substances which include electrolytes, antibacterial compounds and various enzymes. The constituents of saliva are a big treasure in providing major leads on information related to oral and systematic diseases. A God-given gift to everyone: Dr Suvarna V Chavannavar, Professor in the Department of Agricultural Microbiology at the University of Agricultural Sciences (GKVK), Bengaluru describes-"Saliva is a God-given gift to everyone. Saliva is the juice that is secreted by our body and it keeps the mouth moist. This juice has enzymes needed for the digestion of food. In addition to this, saliva has an enzyme called 'lysozyme' which is antibacterial. It can kill the bacterial cells which enter our mouth through food or air. So, saliva not only helps in the digestion of food, it can protect our mouth against infections caused by microorganisms and especially bacteria ... ...Vegetabl