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Karnataka: No Water in Dams; Congress Money Set to Flow like

Bengaluru: The water level in all dams and reservoirs of Karnataka has dipped to an alarming low level like never before while Bengaluru the Silicon city and state capital hasn’t received rainfall for more than 150+ days; once touted as a naturally air-conditioned city, pensioners paradise and what not is literally struggling to cope up with the scorching heat to no avail. It used to evince rainfall whenever the mercury crossed 36 degrees centigrade but not anymore and these days, it is even touching 40-41.06 degrees as well! However, all these adverse natural conditions are no barometer when it comes to spending at the hustings as money is flowing like water in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in Karnataka. Ministers set to spend crores: Probably, for the first-ever time in the electoral history of the state 11 incumbent cabinet ministers have been roped in through their sons, daughters, wives and relatives to pump in money bags for electoral gains to the Congress party. These minister