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Alcoholism in Kerala: God Also May Not Help His Own Country

Kerala continues to be known for a variety of reasons, good bad and worst. Initially, it boasted to be the first state in the country to have a democratically elected Communist Party of India government. Later it evolved as the most literate state of the nation, sending most migrants to the Gulf region and elsewhere across the globe. It also has the unique distinction of contributing most of the nursing staff and Christian missionary clergy to the world. Looking back, they all appear to be good old memoirs to reminiscence. Over a period of time, it has become infamous for stalling growth in the name of trade unionism by not allowing any mass-employing companies to come up. Not only that, these days it is dubiously known for all the wrong reasons like alcoholism, drugs, political killings, a terror hub for recruitment to ISIS and whatnot. More than a dozen Gold, Jewellery and Diamond outlets: Maybe, for having the highest percentage of literate individuals the tiny coastal state is als