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Sugar becomes Sour to Mills, Survival only with Byproducts: SV Naik Kochari

Gone are the good old days when Sugarcane factories were wholly dependent on crushing cane and selling sugar. Earlier, some well-to-do ones also ventured to set up distillery units to dispose of spirits for liquor companies in order to register profits. But all such practices have been dumped into the pages of history. SV Naik Kochari, twice former Chairman and currently Director of Shri Hiranyakeshi Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit, Sankeshwar in Belagavi district opines-“These days, sugarcane factories can survive and continue to remain only if a thrust is given to market byproducts rather than selling sugar alone”. In a freewheeling interaction at the factory premises sometime back SV Naik Kochari was candid enough in expressing his viewpoints on the challenges facing the sugar industry. Third largest producer in India: According to official sources Karnataka is the third largest producer of sugarcane in the country after Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The climatic conditions of t