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Countdown for World renowned Mysuru Dasara

image:holidify T he name of the historic city Mysuru by itself takes one down to memory lane bringing in fond and rejoicing memories to the fore. The worldwide famous Mysuru Dasara perhaps tops all of them. Dasara is back again and the countdown for the same has already set in. Mysuru Dasara, as most of you, are well aware of is the 10 days' state festival of Karnataka state. The festivities in this connection commence with the beginning of Navratri(Nine days) culminating on the 10th day Vijayadashami. Dasara is also the commemoration of triumph of good over the evil forces. According to local legends, it was the day on which Goddess Chamundeshwari(Durga) killed the buffalo headed demon Mahishasura. The name to the historic and cultural city Mysuru is also said to be derived from the demon's name Mahishasura.The credit for observing the religious festival into a state ritual goes to the credit of Wadiyars of the royal Mysuru dynasty which was founded by Yaduraya during 1