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GM Shirahatti honored with the Rajyotsava award at the ripe age of 82 years!

The services of GM Shirahatti, a media veteran having served the state-owned Radio and Broadcast Media for decades have at last been recognized by the state government in the form of the coveted Rajyotsava Award, this year. A couple of decades back, it was a popular trend to snatch the same hook or crook by media persons with less than 20 years in the field. Over a period of time, the norms were changed to accommodate achievers above the age of 60 years. And now the octogenarian GM Shirahatti finds a place in the announced list of awardees. Like they say, better late than never, at last, GM Shirahatti is rewarded for his services spanning more than 61 years! Career begins with AIR: GM Shirahatti, after a brief stint with Nagarika Kannada Daily as a Sub Editor for the paper published from Gadag also worked in a similar position for Karnataka Bandhu Kannada weekly. But his official career began with All India Radio in 1961 as an Announcer, Producer (SW). It was only the beginning and th