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Can Indian EVMs be hacked?

Can Indian EVMs be hacked? Debapratim Ghosh, Assistant Prof. (Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar) replies/gives his opinion as follows: I know the Indian EVM in a fair amount of detail through an ex-professor during my PhD days. Here it goes: 1. The Indian EVM is not designed by a single person or group of persons from a single company. There are no foreign designers involved. In fact, the design is made by taking contributions from (a) the Election Commission of India (b) a Technical Experts Group (TEG) consisting of professors from IITs, IISc etc. and (c) Non-commercial public sector manufacturing units such as BEL (Bharat Electronics) and ECIL (Electronics Corp of India Ltd.). 2. Most EVMs around the world are essentially generic microcomputer systems which can do multiple functions or tasks. On the other hand, the Indian EVM can only be used for voting and nothing else. Hence there is only one single program that runs in it, and that is for voting only. So, introducing a