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Vidhi(Article) 370 highlights Kashmiri Pundits’ woes, miseries and plight

K.Shankar, Kannada Film Director has directed ‘Vidhi Article 370’ Kannada film slated to be released in December. Thanks to the revocation of Articles 370 and 35 A and the subsequent developments in this regard the film has attracted enough curiosity among the cine-goers. Probably after the epoch-making ‘Kashmiri Files’ hit the digital platforms and screens, ‘Vidhi Article 370’ seems to be the first regional language film made in the country on the developments in Kashmir.                                                                                          Image Source: Wikipedia   Before and aftermath of Article 370: K.Shankar, Director of the film asserts-“The developments in and around Jammu and Kashmir state before the revoking of Article 370 and subsequently have been taken into consideration for making this film. Likewise, the dedication, commitment, and valor of the Indian Army in safeguarding the motherland and combating terrorist activities including those of the separati