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Today's Words: Gambol, Piscine, Self-effacing

Gambol (gam-buh) verb to skip about, in dancing or playing frolic More about GambolFirst recorded around 1495–1505. Earlier forms included gambold, gambald, and gamba(u)de. Comes from Middle French gambade, a variant of gambado, “large protective boots or gaiters,” which originated in the Latin word for “leg.” Examples of Gambol After a long day of work, the friends decided to gambol on the beach, letting loose and enjoying the moment. The puppies would gambol around the yard, chasing each other with glee. Piscine (pahy-seen, pis-ahyn, -een) adjective of, relating to, or resembling a fish or fishes. More about Piscine First recorded around 1790–1800. Comes from the Latin word piscīnus, related to pisc(is), “fish.” Examples of Piscine The dancer’s elegant movements were reminiscent of a piscine creature gracefully gliding through water. As an avid swimmer, she felt a deep connection to the piscine world beneath the ocean’s surface. Self-effacing (self-i-feys-ing) adjective tending to ma