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 We need to learn to live with the virus: Dr Angelique Coetzee

Dr Angelique Coetzee who first recognized the clinical symptoms of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 pandemic and realized that there was a new variant has warned that the there could be any number of sub variants of the Covid-19 pandemic on the way and has advised safety precautions like having booster dose, wear proper mask and refrain from large gatherings.                                                                               Dr Angelique Coetzee Closing borders not a solution: In a telephonic interview the South African Pretoria based private practitioner and immediate past chairperson of the South African Medical Association is categorical to state-“As the viruses have come to stay and traces of the same are found everywhere it may not be feasible or a right step to close the international borders. Such a measure may not be a wise move to tackle the problem at your doorsteps. It is also important to have additional booster vaccine dose, especially for people above the age

Covid-19 Variants: No one can predict them coming down-Dr Virupaxi Ghodgeri

Dr Virupaxi Ghodgeri, a surgeon and German citizen with more than three decades of professional experience in Germany says that no one can predict as to when the adverse effect of Covid-19 variants is going to come down in the world.                                                                                Dr Virupaxi Ghodgeri No proper tests done: Dr Virupaxi Ghodgeri is on a vacation to his home town Belagavi in Karnataka and shared his view points on prevalence of the pandemic variants in European Union and the Western world. He also listed out the probable reasons for the pandemic variants still having an upper hand in some of the countries barring India-“Patients are not being tested the way it needs to be done. People with cold, flu and influenza need to undergo proper tests for checking spread of the pandemic variants”, he feels.   Variants may not be dangerous: His reminiscences about the health network system back home in Germany-“You will not get medicines at the phar

For Tomorrow : Immunity is Priority and Not Vaccination: Dr Devan PP

"I have not taken a Covid-19 vaccine, although everyone in my hospital has taken it" , claimed Dr Devan PP, currently Professor and Head of the Department of ENT at AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Mangaluru. In a candid interaction with this correspondent, he dispelled many notions in practice ever since the globe has been hit by the worst ever pandemic. He is of the firm opinion that in the present scenario it's building up your immune system while simultaneously adhering to necessary precautions which matters the most. Image source: India Today, 11th May 2021 To persistent queries, if so what about the mammoth exercise underway to vaccinate the whole country, he blasts: "The present vaccines are not for a separate variant of the virus. And till now we are noticing multiple variants quite active all over. If the vaccines alone were enough to curtail the viral load, then how come you don't have one for HIV"? Dr Devan PP Dr Devan PP has

Doctors at the receiving end for Covid-19 deaths!

The medical fraternity continues to remain under undue duress and unimaginable stress apart from abuse, attack and violent assault following the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. By the time the first wave was done with its appetite and indications of the curve appearing to flatten came the second wave. The second wave proved to be much worse, painful and horrible having an adverse impact on those at the forefront of health care. Now with the normal life almost back with a bang despite the occurrence of Delta plus variants and amidst a scare of the Third wave, there hasn't been much change in the plight of Physicians on the job treating the pandemic patients. Every year 01 July is celebrated as Doctors Day in memory of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy popularly renowned as Dr BC Roy. The honour is in recognition of his yeoman service to society as an educationist, philanthropist, freedom fighter and statesman. He remained Chief Minister of West Bengal from 1948 until his deat

Resident Doctors become Impatient over Government Apathy

Karnataka Association of Resident Doctors(KARD) attempts to draw the attention of concerned authorities, the Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education Minister about their woes, plight and demands continue to remain unattended. Their repeated reminders over the pending demands for more than 15 months into the pandemic haven't helped in changing the situation for the better. Amidst continuous, extended hours and no weekly off routine, the junior doctors have been at an unprecedented receiving end hitherto unheard of even to their seniors in their lifetime. Source: During the first wave, 61 doctors succumbed to the deadly virus in the state while so far. eight of them became victims this year so far. What looks intriguing, cruel but unfortunately hardcore reality is some of them in the current year passed away for not getting beds in time. And their crime, the fatal infections they developed while trying to treat the admitted patients. In fact, the first wave had been m

Kerala Health Minister KK Shyailaja Teacher

KK Shyailaja , rather popularly well-known as Shyailaja Teacher in Kerala, apart from being a household name in the native state is now a renowned personality worldwide. Thanks to her proactive role in containing Nipah and Covid-19 Pandemics, she hit the headlines for doing so not in the home state alone but elsewhere across the globe. Image: Interaction with people belonging to different walks of life in Kerala gave a mixed reaction. If most of them were appreciative of her role in handling the health emergencies, there were dissent voices too having their own reservations about the popular perceptions prevailing in the society. Dr. Bobby.V. Unikrishnan, Assistant Professor at the College of Agriculture, Kerala Agriculture University in Padanakkad, Kasargod opines: Shailaja Teacher is a name to be reckoned with Covid warriors of Kerala. She is a very popular figure in the state because of her coordinated approach in tackling the Pandemic. Even much before she played a pi